The Israeli homeland security industry

Facing a multitude of terror threats over the past decades, Israel has initiated, supported the development and implementation of state-of-the-art homeland security solutions.

October 14, 2014 22:17
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Ghana’s national soccer team

Members of Ghana’s national soccer team gather in a circle before a training session for the Africa Cup of Nations, one of many venues Israeli security systems have played a role in protecting. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Years of elevated terror threats have led many governments to increase their investments in homeland security measures. Now, more than ever before, greater attention is given to the protection of public gatherings, transportation, infrastructure, and other strategic assets.

Homeland security and safety represent critical responsibilities that governments and civil services are obliged to provide their people. While military branches are prepared to meet cross-border threats, civil authorities are responsible for internal security.

From the urban centers to open rural areas and the vast ocean space, maintaining public safety, countering terror, and preparing for emergency are clear symbols of the nation’s sovereignty. Nations that cannot meet these obligations risk drifting aside, turning uncontrolled areas into ‘no-man’s lands’, dominated by outlaws, terrorists and pirates.

Facing a multitude of terror threats over the past decades, the State of Israel has initiated and supported the development and implementation of state-of- the-art homeland security solutions. Today, Israel is home to numerous companies that are at the forefront of homeland security technology. Israeli companies are involved in security projects worldwide, as prime contractors or partners. Israeli security services and technologies are involved in securing major sports, entertainment, and mega-public events worldwide, including the Olympic Games in Atlanta and Athens, African Cup of Nations, and the Pan-American games in Rio. Israeli security systems protect some of the major symbols of western civilization, including the Vatican, and the Eiffel Tower. These systems also secure some of the largest aviation hubs and seaports, including JFK (New York City), Heathrow (London), and Changi (Singapore) airports. Furthermore, Israeli trainers support police and counter-terror units around the globe.

The reality we live in dictates a rapid implementation of fresh ideas. Such novel tools of cyber and homeland security that, in some cases, have just left the production line, will be presented at the HLS conference in November 2014, Israel. These tools and vast knowledge and experience are bound to contribute to public safety around the globe.

In November 9-12 2014, dozens of Homeland Security Ministers, Police Chiefs, Mayors and business executive from across the globe will converge in Israel to participate in “Israel HLS 2014”, the 3nd International Conference for Homeland Security, http://www.israelhls2014.

com/ The conference and the exhibition are one of the best windows to the impressive Home Land Security industry in Israel.

The writer is President, Advisory Committee, International HLS Conference; Former Director, Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), Former Minister of Public Security and former Minister of Home Front Defense.

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