Must Have Traits Of A Good Bodyguard

The problem with the bodyguard sector the world over, is the dramatization and Hollywood movies that have drilled into the minds of people

July 29, 2019 15:32
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Must Have Traits Of A Good Bodyguard

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People hire bodyguards for two different reasons, they either need close protection due to a known or perceived threat, or they simply want a bodyguard to show off their wealth or status; but for whatever reason, the bodyguard’s traits will always remain the same. The problem with the bodyguard sector the world over, is the dramatization and Hollywood movies that have drilled into the minds of people the “stereo-typical” characteristics that a bodyguard should have. Some people believe that all bodyguards put on suits and sunglasses all day everyday whether they are on the beach or even in the Arctic Circle! That is definitely not the case and not even practical when you think about it. The following are the must-have traits of a good bodyguard.

1. Situational Awareness

A good bodyguard should have brilliant situational awareness and a sharp eye. They should constantly scan the environment to watch out for potential situations or conflicts before they happen. It is this trait that may identify and stop a potential attacker or accident before it develops into a threat. Threat avoidance is vital, and it is also way better to be proactive rather than reactive. If you are doing this then you are doing your job correctly.

2. Self-Confidence

This trait is critical for any bodyguard. Self-confidence doesn’t mean having the feeling of superiority or arrogance; it is just knowing what it takes to protect your client and that you are doing everything possible to do that. Having no confidence in your own ability translates to your body language and client not having confidence in your care. A bodyguard that emits that air of confidence is a great deterrent to any potential attacker and this alone could ward off any attacker and make them think twice or go off looking for an easier target.

3. Dependable/Trustworthy

A good bodyguard is one that is always available, can be depended upon, reliable as well as worthy of the client’s trust. For instance, there are situations where you might be exposed to things your client may want you to keep to yourself such as a medical problem, business deals or relationships that other people don’t know about. Other than being paid for protection, you are also being paid to be discrete and this discretion must be exercised. Also, if your client is dealing in things that you don’t agree with or are not happy about, then the best thing you can do is keep your personal opinions to yourself or find yourself jobless.

4. Communication Skills

Bodyguards must be able to communicate effectively, not only with their clients but with anyone else where necessary. Communicating clearly and in an understandable manner is equally important to providing your client with the best protection.

5. Good Judgment/Common Sense

This comes from your training as well as experience. Your senses should be finely tuned to help you spot potentially dangerous situations and make quick but correct decisions before they happen.

While there are no hard or fast rules regarding what a good bodyguard should be like, these are just some of the basic traits that a good bodyguard should possess. Of course no one is perfect and not everyone has all these traits but to be successful in this line of work, you should look to improve in all the above.

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