AFI kicks off 20th season

AFI kicks off 20th seaso

The American Football in Israel Men's Contact League, sponsored by Moshiko's, ushers in its 20th season in grand fashion. After three weeks of action, Deb-El Foods and Pallorium rest atop the standings in points with 5-1 records but both have a few games in hand. Several other undefeated teams remain close behind with just four games played. Fans were treated to guest appearances by Jerusalem City Council member Elisha Peleg, CEOof Ayelet Arik Kaplan, and Yair Shem-Tov, owner of league sponsor Moshiko Falafel and Shwarma. This weekend's results were: Ziontours over Tivuch Shelley; Hakotel over Successories; Deb-El Foods def Sam Schertz; Bina Boys def DGR Tag Teamers; Armitron def Jerry's Kids; Pallorium over OJNF Tree Huggers; Torah Youth Association split with Lone Star; Meridian Capital def Kfar Zippori; Halachic Organ Donor Society over Jerusalem Sports Medicine; Pizzeria Efrat over Excalibur; Joe's Eagles def Klein Management; Bar Am Public Relations and Lev Hatorah split; Yesod Cobras def HAS Advantage; Big Blue def Neveh Zion; S & J Steelers def IEP; Tov Pizza def Hudson Energy; Paygea and TJ Cafe net split. Each Friday afternoon and Saturday night games are played at Kraft Family Stadium. There are 50 teams in the league this year with 14 regular-season games before the playoffs. The season concludes with the Holyland Bowl, this year being the 21st edition. Derech Etz Chaim are the reigning champs from 2008/09 with several other teams hoping to challenge their repeat bid including the always-dangerous Big Blue, Lobos, Tov Pizza, and Bitach.