Weekend Walk: In search of the perfect sea view

Exploring ancient ruins and varied wildlife at Ramat Hanadiv near Zichron Yaakov is made even more special by views of the Mediterranean.

Ramat Hanadiv 465  7 (photo credit: YONI COHEN)
Ramat Hanadiv 465 7
(photo credit: YONI COHEN)
The Nature Park at Ramat Hanadiv memorial gardens near Zichron Yaakov offers four different trails - all with varying levels of difficulty. Each track is circular and marked with its own individual color, which makes navigating them very easy.
The red trail, also known as the Manor Trail, should take about two hours to complete. It is especially interesting as it takes in breathtaking sea views, ancient ruins and a variety of wildlife in a relatively short distance.
Start by heading towards the far side of the car park with your back to the Visitors Pavilion. Find the markings for the red trail and follow it through the open fields. There are plenty of interesting flowers and trees to take in along this section of the walk.
You will then come to Horvat Akav which is a manor house dating back from the Second Temple period, rebuilt as a rustic cottage in Byzantine era. Explore the remains from the agricultural settlement which include an olive press.
The track then makes a turn to the right and runs parallel with the sea. Make sure to look to the left to take in the views while the track is relatively flat.
Once you arrive at the old river bed (Wadi Timsah) the trail then heads right again towards the main park. This section involves slightly more uphill sections but is by no means difficult to navigate. Keep following the red markings until you hit the parking lot again where the hike started.
Once back at the starting point, take a wonder through the memorial gardens which provide a combination of European formality along with Mediterranean ruggedness as well some more incredible sea views.
To reach the Ramat Hanadiv National Park take Route 652 which links Zichron Ya'akov and Binyamina. Turn off Route 652 at the sign pointing westward to Ramat Hanadiv, follow the road until the parking lot.
The park is open from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Sunday – Thursday; 8:00 am – 2:00 pm Friday; 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday. Telephone: 04-6298111

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