Libyans pledge democracy

Libyans look to rebuild their country democratically as billions of Gaddafi's dollars are released.

September 3, 2011 13:25
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Libyans pledge democracy.

Libya 311. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Although fugitive Muammar Gaddafi remains at large, Libya's interim ruling council looks ahead to rebuilding the country democratically.

A call is put out for advisers.

NTC representative for Tripoli Al Amin Belhadj said, "So the main need from the outside institutions: we need advisors for the government, to build the new, democratic country for Libya, because we don't have that experience. So we need political advisors and we need people to advise our people how to create a civil society. And of course we need our money."

The National Transitional Council plans to take its place in the capital next week.

Its chairman, Mustafa Abel Jalil, welcomed the billions of much needed dollars released from Gaddafi's frozen assets.

Chairman of the National Transitional Council said, "A net of 30 percent of the frozen assets has been released for the sake of the Libyan people."

In the capital, EU's senior representative in Libya said security was its main concern.

European Union special representative for Libya, Agostino Miozzo said, "First of all security; security is great concern, it's great problem, walking around you see people in a sort of holiday, people happy, the game is over for Gaddafi."

European Union special representative for Libya, Agostino Miozzo said, "The real risk to have Libya divided according to the Tribal division."

This was far from the minds of those enjoying a day at the beach in Tripoli.

Once only visited by rich and powerful members of the old regime, ordinary Libyans celebrated their liberation here from Gaddafi's iron grip.

It's not known when the process of installing an elected president will start.

The council road map says the process will begin once the NTC declares Libya "liberated" from Gaddafi.

It remains unclear when this might be, as leaders say the war is not over until he is found "dead or alive".

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