Video: Iron Dome intercepts Grad rocket fired from Gaza

Defense Ministry releases clip showing missile defense system battery near Ashkelon in action.

Iron Dome 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Iron Dome 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Defense Ministry on Sunday released a video that shows the Iron Dome missile defense system in action intercepting a Grad rocket fired from Gaza towards Ashkelon.
In the video, an Iron Dome battery near Ashkelon can be seen taking down a rocket which was fired over the weekend.
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Last week, the Iron Dome counter-rocket defense system intercepted a Grad-model Katyusha rocket fired from the Gaza Strip, proving its capabilities in combat for the first time.
IDF sources said the rocket was detected shortly after it was launched in the direction of Ashkelon, south of which a battery was deployed.
Two Tamir interceptors were fired at the Katyusha and the first intercepted it, a senior Israel Air Force officer said.
“This is a historic achievement and the first time in the world that a short-range rocket was shot down in this way,” one defense official said.