A Drop in Time

From April to September, almost every day in Israel is sunny. Even when a few clouds appear in the sky, they are rarely followed by rain.

A Drop in Time 758 (photo credit: NEFESH B'NEFESH)
A Drop in Time 758
(photo credit: NEFESH B'NEFESH)
And then, suddenly, the first rains come.  Ending the six months of dryness, the drops pour down—shocking, exhilarating, and always memorable.
In Israel, the beginning of the rainy season, which brings hopes of a fruitful year, is a time of celebration. We asked Olim to share where they were during the first rains of the season.
Shira Kahen: On Chol Hamoed Shabbat at a quarter to 1 AM, I was trying to sleep while my neighbors were being noisy in their sukkah. I heard claps of thunder and then the skies opened. It started pouring, and everyone ran out of their sukkot and into their buildings with their mattresses, pillows and blankets. Only in Israel.
Rahel Jaskow: I was walking to a bus stop, with an umbrella in hand. It started pouring and I got soaked from the knees down. Even though my skirt was dripping, I didn’t mind at all!
Brett Goldman: In Beersheva at precisely 19:08, I was on my way to a Fiddler on the Roof rehearsal when there was a strong wind. I looked up at the sky and saw that it was overcast. I actually said, “I wonder if it will rain” whereupon I was blasted directly in the face with rain! I ran to the bus stop, dialed my friend and sang,  “I’m singing in the rain!”
Robin Hirsch: I was in my sukkah in Beit Shemesh and despite the rain we stayed in the sukkah and continued eating. Nothing was going to ruin our first Sukkot as Olim.
Sara Jacobovici: I was on my way to my brother’s house for Erev Sukkot when it started raining. The skies looked amazing and the thunder and lightening were tangible. I literally felt like we were witnessing a miracle.
Anita Jacobs: I was serving as a volunteer in the Sar-El Division of the IDF, and my job was to take apart medic and surgeon field packs and restock them. When the rains came, the soldiers rushed to get the equipment under cover and then danced and sang in the rain. Everyone made a bracha.
Michal Amar: My daughter and I were preparing salads for our meal in the sukkah.  Then we saw the rain falling outside our window, and within minutes we were surrounded by our first desert rain in Negev.
Simone Specter: I was very excited! I felt like I was in Manchester for one second and then realised, ‘Yay, this is Israel!’ But it was my dog Roxy’s first time experiencing rain, and she kept jumping around and sticking her head in it, trying to figure out what it was.
Ross Anderson: One day while in Jerusalem, it dawned on me that I had never been up on the Bridge of Strings before, so I started walking up the ramp. As I did, I noticed one large dark cloud over the bridge that gave the first hint of a drop or two of our beloved rain. I knew that this was to be a special moment so I quickened my pace, and as I did so, I got to enjoy my first ‘spritz’ of the season. There were only about two other people crossing the bridge at the time so I pretty much had it to myself. I said the Shehechiyanu in thanksgiving for having received such a wonderful gift.
Naomi Goldberg: My son’s Torah teacher took the whole class outside yesterday to dance in the first rain after Simchat Torah. Reason 678,456 why I made Aliyah.