Cardoza-Moore: In Gaza they use missiles, in Congress they use Ilhan

“Ilhan Omar is an integral part of the Hamas arsenal," she said.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore (L) and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (R) (photo credit: PJTN AND REUTERS)
Laurie Cardoza-Moore (L) and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (R)
(photo credit: PJTN AND REUTERS)
“Ilhan Omar is an integral part of the Hamas arsenal,” said Laurie Cardoza-Moore on Monday. “In Gaza they use missiles; in Congress they use Ilhan.”
Cardoza-Moore, the head of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, a non-profit organization established to educate Christians about their Biblical responsibility to stand with their Jewish brethren, made her statement hours after a Hamas rocket pounded into a Jewish home in the Sharon region of Israel.
“The objective remains the same: the utter destruction of Israel and America,” Cardoza-Moore said of the rocket and Omar. “We the people cannot stand by as she continues to raise money for organizations that seek our demise while professing to represent the constitution.”
In a statement, she said that she “connected the dots between Washington and Gaza” after Monday morning’s rocket attack.
Cardoza-Moore has vowed to double down on her efforts to oust Omar from Congress after the Democratic Minnesota representative spoke at a fundraising event for the American division of the Muslim Brotherhood in Los Angeles over the weekend. Many Christians joined grassroots protests outside the event. Cardoza-Moore made a personal and public request for Christians in the area to join and take action. 
In addition, she has amassed tens of thousands of signatures on a petition calling to remove Omar from Congress. 
Cardoza-Moore has a vast following. Her Christian TV program “Focus on Israel” has more than 2 billion weekly viewers.
“We call on all American patriots to sign our petition and rally behind the cause of justice and freedom,” said Cardoza-Moore. “As Israel is under attack from Gaza, America is under attack from within our own Congress by the same subversive ideology that seeks to replace everything that we hold sacred. What began with antisemitic tropes has become a thinly veiled attack on Judeo-Christian civilization.”