Two Israelis, Three Opinions: Should Donald Trump be impeached?

'The Jerusalem Post' asked local residents what they think about the issue.

The Israeli street on Trump's impeachment, August 28, 2018 (Dennis Zinn)
Since he was elected to be president of the United States in November 2016, there have been calls for Congress to begin impeach proceedings against Donald Trump.
Arguments against Trump have ranged from colluding with a foreign power to influencing the election, campaign finance violations or obstruction of justice.
But what do Israelis think about the issue? The Jerusalem Post asked local residents what they thought about the topic.
Jerusalem Resident
“Eh, I don’t think it’s going to happen... They’ve been talking seriously about it for I don’t know how long, since the day of the election they’ve been talking about it. Who [has been talking about it]? Maxine Waters, come on...”
Morry Blumenfeld
Jerusalem Resident
“I think that’s crazy. He’s doing so much good stuff for us and for the United States that only people with a crazy sense of reality want to do that.”
Gabriella Golker
Jerusalem Resident
“Should we impeach him?  No, no. On the whole, he has done well for the American economy, he is a friend of the Jews, a friend of Israel, he has firm opinions, and I don’t think that there’s anyone better.”
Aaron Weingrod
Jerusalem Resident
Well I personally feel that Trump should have been impeached long ago. There’s so much that has come up since even before the election that makes this guy impeachable that I feel that it’s taken time for also the Republicans to start coming around and realizing the guy is bringing America down.”
Laura Kawalski
Jerusalem Resident
“I think people didn’t give him a chance and I think they should’ve given him a chance. I don’t think that someone can be impeached based on just the fact that there are rumors about what he does and whatever. There has to be solid ground.”
Jerusalem Resident
[Would you be sorry to see Trump go?] “I, yes, I think so. And we need some change, [some] different people, different colors in politics, and not only [people who are] politically correct.”
Haya and Elhanan
Jerusalem Residents
I say it's a witch hunt.
[And you think it won't succeed?]
I hope not.
[Would you be sorry to see him go?]
In some ways yes, in some ways no.
Bat Yam Resident
[Would you be sorry to see Trump go?] “I will be sorry, yes. He at least acts. Unlike former presidents who just spoke, he spoke, he promised, and he did. And I think it is also good for the State of Israel. The sheriff of the world!”
Jerusalem Resident
“I want him to remain for eternity. As long as I live, Trump should be [in the White House]. And every day I want to see him on television. He says that Israel is wonderful and Israel is good and he will make the country stronger. And that we are his best allies and he will bring death to anyone who annoys us. Do you understand why I love Trump?”