Dance Review: Zvi Gotheiner

Suzanne Dellal, July 16.

Zoom Dance 311 (photo credit: Aehee Kang Asano)
Zoom Dance 311
(photo credit: Aehee Kang Asano)
Zoom aspires to integrate dance with active cellular phones, video projections and internet interface on line, giving the impression that we are about to experience a leap forward into a progressive zone of dance.
Expectations relied on Zvi Gotheiner's past contribution in the ’80s, as a member of the late dance group 'Tamar Ramla', which introduced new voice to Israeli dance.
Residing in NY for the past 20 years, we had no opportunity to follow Gotheiner career until the Maholohet framework invited him and his dancers over.
The bottom line proved once more that top of the line electronic gadgets, same as any other props, are inconsequential to dance, unless a choreographer takes a quantum leap into a new state of creative perception.
That miraculous inspiration was missing.
True, dancers begged the crowd to respond to their gestures and call, take photos or reply to their text messages, which mostly failed. The so-called on-line video interventions were basically prerecorded and video art was rather basic. All those fruitless distractions didn't stimulate much of Gotheiner's movement-based dance sections.
The group scenes couldn't be more outdated, with over use of lightweight mainstream approach to dance – including simplistic unison and symmetries – a far cry from artistic aspirations.
Without making any comment about socio-economical consequences of accelerated consumption of those gadgets, the evening missed a chance for meaningful relations with its human spectators.