Gaga about dancing

Two years ago, Naharin taught a similar mass class to raise money for tsunami victims in the Far East.

Ohad Naharin (photo credit: Courtesy)
Ohad Naharin
(photo credit: Courtesy)

If you have ever wondered whether your dancing abilities might be useful for more than showing off, tonight is your chance to find out.

This evening, a thousand movers will join forces to make this country a better place. Famed choreographer Ohad Naharin, Batsheva Dance Company and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel will open the doors to Hangar 11 in the Tel Aviv Port at 7 p.m. for a mass Gaga lesson.
ACRI is dedicated to the struggle for equal rights across the board in Israel.
The main issues currently on the table are refugee rights, freedom of expression, Arab minority rights and women’s rights, among others.
Gaga is the movement technique developed by Naharin and practiced by the Batsheva Dance Company. A class consists of guided improvisation danced to groovy music. There are two types of Gaga classes, Gaga People, for inexperienced dancers, and Gaga Dancers for professionals.
Two years ago, Naharin taught a similar mass class to raise money for tsunami victims in the Far East. The event was a huge success, raising thousands of dollars. Tonight, the dancing will be done to improve things at home. Music will be provided by former company member DJ Stefan (Stefan Ferry). All proceeds from the event will go to protecting and preserving human rights. Tickets cost NIS 50. Naharin will teach the class with help from Batsheva company members. No previous dance experience is necessary and baggy clothes are recommended.
This year, Batsheva will celebrate its 50th anniversary, a momentous occasion for the local troupe. In the years since its establishment, Batsheva has become one of the most successful and watched dance companies in the world. Since taking over as artistic director in 1990, Naharin has established and developed Gaga as a means to train dancers to connect with their own, instinctive movement. Gaga has become an international trend, and is studied by dancers and choreographers all over the world.
Later this year, the filmmakers known as the Heymann Brothers will release their documentary, Mr. Gaga, which consists of footage gathered over seven years in the studio with Naharin. The film sheds light on the journey of creating Gaga.
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