Holon by design

Fashion, photo and jewelry exhibitions are featured this week at the city’s galleries.

Fashion by Yaniv Edri (photo credit: Courtesy)
Fashion by Yaniv Edri
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The fifth annual Design Season will kick off in Holon on Tuesday, with artistic enterprise on display at galleries all over the city. It constitutes a lead-up to the annual Design Week, which will take place in Holon October 13 to 19.
One of the headliners of the fashion proceedings is the one-man show of works by photographer Yaniv Edry, which will be on display at the gallery of the Beit Maerov municipal arts center until November 9. Edry is a veteran fashion photographer who has built up an impressive portfolio over the last 15 years. He came to notice in the late 1990s, in particular for his approach to objects, the environment and the dynamics of the photographic discipline.
The exhibition curator, Reuven Cohen, says that the prints in the show project a sense of the artist’s total immersion in his work.
“When Yaniv Edry is on a fashion set, he is completely enveloped by the experience. He hardly talks to the models, gives them a few general directions and lets them do their thing.”
That, notes Cohen, conveys a free and easy feel to the end product.
“When you see the result, you get a feeling of something that is intentionally not entirely polished.
Edry’s work has all sorts of random compositions that are not too orderly, and you don’t get all the supposedly requisite professional parameters of fashion photography in a balanced, standard and precise way,” he says.
Edry started out as a fashion photographer for various Israeli glamour magazines, such as Olam Ha’isha, La’isha and At. He made a name for himself every week and won several high-profile gigs, such as advertising campaigns for clothes outlets Fox and Castro, and worked abroad for leading fashion publications such as Vogue UK and Twill.
Over at the Hachava Gallery, Tamar Caravan is curating the “Ahava Hadasha” (New Love) exhibition, which incorporates works from across a range of artistic disciplines. The group show features contributions from fashion designers, photographers, painters and high-profile members of the fashion community. The items on display will portray the creators’ personal take on the concept of “new love.” These include works by designers Mor Kfir and Maayan Goldman, painter Yoav Hirsch and photographers Tanya Jones and the curator herself. The show runs until November 16.
Literature also finds its way into the Holon Design Season, principally as the source of inspiration for photographer Ron Kedmi’s “Dune 13” exhibition at the Hutzot Gallery on Dov Hoz Street.
Kedmi says the prints in the show feed off the energies and imagery in the scifi novel Dune by Frank Herbert. The book addresses ecological topics and conveys a rich world of fantasy based on the cultures of the Arab world, as well as Sufi and Jewish mysticism.
Kedmi took the pictures in the Negev Desert, and they convey the harshness of the arid environment and the powerful rocky textures. His creative muse is fueled by his multidisciplinary educational and professional résumé, which takes in painting studies in Paris and the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, a film degree at Beit Zvi and a stellar career in the fashion world. Kedmi has been named Israeli Fashion Photographer of the Year several times.
“Dune 13” closes on December 31.
If fashion accessories are your thing, then you should get yourself to the Chenkin Gallery, which will host the “Tachshit Lema’aseh” (Jewelry in Practice) exhibition of works by Yael Freedman. The exhibits cover a wide range of aesthetics and materials, such as items made of plastic and various metals. There is also a recreational side to some of the works, which include rings that can all be taken apart and reassembled.
Freedman says she likes to get her consumers actively involved in her creations.
“I view jewelry as interactive art that invites the people that wear them to touch and explore them. To my mind, that opens up endless possibilities.” The exhibition will run until October 19.
Other exhibition slots include “From Sketch to Show” at the Vitrina Gallery at the Faculty of Design of the Holon Institute of Technology, which focuses on designer shows, and exhibitions of record designs, toys and games, as well as an exhibition of jewelry designed by Polish artists.
Admission to all galleries is free.