Holy fashion: Through a creative lens

Fashion Photographer Ella Manor explains how her photos get their "vintage-y" feel and explores the world of unique camera lenses.

Lensbaby  (photo credit: ELLA MANOR)
(photo credit: ELLA MANOR)
Holy Fashion, a weekly column, follows fashion photographer Ella Manor as she explores new trends and icons within the fashion and culture of Israel
This week, I wanted to share my creative process and tell you about some of the tools I use to create my still and moving imagery. Lensbaby is a company which creates off-the-beaten-track, unique and creative lenses. In images taken with Lensbaby Lenses, an effect called “Bokeh” is created. Bokeh means that the center part of the frame stays sharp as a tack and the surroundings become blurry. This effect creates a moody, “vintagie,” artistic feel to imagery which I have adopted into my fashion photography world.
Lensbaby gear is meant to increase a photographer's creative process and make the use of digital equipment more organic and friendly. One of the lenses called Spark, has an accordion like shape and is flexible to the touch. Working with this lens is very intuitive, you see something, you bend and press the “Spark” and snap. Its great for shooting travel, children and food. The other benchmark lens from Lensbaby is called the “Composer pro”, here you have the same basic mechanism of the tilt option and Bokeh effect, but you can tell the lens where to stay put and not have to hand hold the lens in place. This lens also provides you with many more options in terms of the kind of look and feel you image could have, as you can insert different optics into this lens to get different effects.
I started using Lensbabies in 2009, and have had a wonderful time experimenting with these lenses. The most exciting and fun thing about it for me is never knowing what type of unique or crazy effect I'm going to get! well, by now I have a pretty good idea as I am experienced with them, and still, they manage to surprise me even today.
I've applied this medium to fashion photography but it can lend itself beautifully to any genre of photography. These lenses are as great for amateur photographers as they are for professional ones. A quality I love about them- anyone can use them and make the most out of them and no one ever gets a similar image because of the many differences between people and how they choose to photograph.
By now I’ve shot a few fashion art films and many many stills with Lensbabies!


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