Israeli film ‘Rock the Casbah’ wins Berlin award

Award follows success of Israeli film "The Gatekeepers" that garnered award in Berlin last week.

Casbah370 (photo credit: Yoni Hamanchem )
(photo credit: Yoni Hamanchem )
Israeli film Rock the Casbah won the Art Cinema Award of the International Confederation of Art Cinemas at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival Saturday.
Rock the Casbah depicts a harsh reality from a human perspective, portraying the individuals literally caught in the crossfire of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Set in 1989, during the first intifada, the film follows Tomer (Yon Tumarkin), one of four Israeli soldiers posted on the roof of a Palestinian home in Gaza, after one of their comrades has been killed in the neighborhood.
The complicated relationships and charged interactions among the soldiers, between the soldiers and the family, with their commanding officers and the surrounding chaos, are portrayed with moving sensitivity.
Rock the Casbah’s success follows Israeli film The Gatekeepers’ award for most important documentary film of 2012 by The Cinema for Peace initiative last week at the festival.