Out and About: Top 10 things to do

Baryshnikov returns to Tel Aviv’s Suzanne Dellal Dance Center, but this time as an actor in Ivan Bunin’s play.

Baryshnikov on stage 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Baryshnikov on stage 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
FILM1. DRIVE A Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for thieves finds that a price has been put on his head after a failed robbery. Starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman.
At selected cinemas throughout the country.
MIXED BAG 2. SEA SNAPS Already in its seventh year, the World of Underwater Images competition, which takes place in Eilat, is open to all underwater photographers, amateur and professional alike. The event will bring together photographers from around the world, including Australia and Egypt. The first prize this year is $10,000 and a trip for two to Papua New Guinea. So start your cameras rolling...
Runs Sunday through November 19, Isrotel Yam Suf Hotel, Eilat. www.eilatredsea.com.
THEATER 3. BARYSHNIKOV IS BACK Mikhail Baryshnikov returns to Tel Aviv’s Suzanne Dellal Dance Center, but this time as an actor in Ivan Bunin’s play In Paris. He portrays an aging White Russian general who falls deeply in love with a young woman, and she with him. But it is not to be. When she dies, he is left alone again to struggle on in solitude as best he can. The woman is played by Anna Sinyakina. The performance is in Russian with Hebrew and English translations.
Runs Monday through November 21, www.suzannedellal.org.il
CONCERT 4. POETRY IN MOTION As part of the Let the Words Do You series, the Holon Mediatheque hosts an event dedicated to the modern Arab poetry translations of Zvi Gabay. The audience will be treated to musical interludes from entertainers such as Shlomo Bar, Eran Tzur, Yali Sobol and Sasson Gabai (pictured). In Hebrew. NIS 50.
Tomorrow at noon, 6 Golda Meir Street, Holon, (03) 502-1552.
EXHIBIT 5. DOING THE MATH The Diaspora Museum’s latest exhibition explores the works, lives and activities of Jewish mathematicians in German-speaking countries during the period between the legal and political emancipation of the Jews in the 19th century and their persecution in Nazi Germany. It highlights the important role Jewish mathematicians played in all areas of mathematical culture during the German Empire and the Weimar Republic and recalls their emigration, flight or death after 1933.
Ongoing at Beit Hatfutsot, the Diaspora Museum, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, (03) 640-8000.
KIDS 6. SCIENCE AND FUN ALL IN ONE This week, Israel’s premier institution of informal science education, Madatech, opens its highly anticipated Noble Energy Science Park. The park’s thematic courtyards center on noted inventors and scientists whose thinking and work altered the world and perceptions of it: Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Daniel Bernoulli, Galileo Galilei and Pythagoras. It meshes natural elements of trees and water with giant interactive exhibits, which use wind, sun and water to demonstrate scientific principles.
Ongoing, www.madatech.org.il
7. BANG YOUR HEAD Popular heavy metal band Hayehudim’s lead vocalist and guitarist Tom Petrover started out in a Nirvana and Metallica cover band until he met guitarist/vocalist Orit Shahaf. In 1995 the two married, established the band, and cut their first disc, Separate Reality, which hit gold status in 1998. Singing mainly in Hebrew, the band is known for its fast, upbeat songs and loud vocals. Catch them as they perform all their hits at Tel Aviv’s Zappa Club. NIS 145.
Tonight, 8:30, 24 Raoul Wallenberg Street, (03) 767-4646.
8. SALSA JAZZ Seventy-year-old Rotterdam-based pianist Jan Laurens Hartong and his Nueva Manteca band are the first item in the new Hot Jazz series. The band will play two programs here. One will feature Hartong’s Requiem Para El Mundo (Requiem for the World) composition, which is based on Gregorian chants; the second program will be all Latin jazz. The latter is entitled Mambo Diablo and includes Latin jazz numbers by Miles Davis, with arrangements by Hartong.
Today and tomorrow at 9 p.m., Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Saturday at 9 p.m., Beit Abba Khoushy, Haifa
UPCOMING 9. PAINT IT BLACK The Black Party is back and will rock the Jerusalem Municipality building’s foundations for the third year in a row. Celebrating the start of the academic year and the beginning of winter, one of the aims of this huge student party is to try to reduce the number of traffic accidents involving young people, by making sure they are aware of the perils of mixing alcohol with driving. The party will feature performances by Tomer Yosef (pictured) and Tribal Dance. Remember to dress in black.
Next Thursday at 10 p.m., Safra Square, www.jerusalem.muni.il
UPCOMING MUSIC 10. HOOK ’EM UP Peter Hook will be bringing the music of his short-lived but hugely influential band Joy Division to Tel Aviv next week. A founding member of the mid- 1970s punk rock pioneers, Hook and his band mates, led by vocalist Ian Curtis, struck a chord among alienated British youth with their dark, dance-driven music. Their two albums recorded before Curtis’s suicide in 1980 – Unknown Pleasures and Closer – remain standouts of the post-punk era. Catch Hook and the best of Joy Division at Reading 3.
November 23 at 10 p.m at Reading 3. www.reading3.co.il