Surf's up

Kalimera in the Jaffa Port offers a wide range of tasty fish and seafood.

Kalimera (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Kalimera is a seafood restaurant with Greek- Thai influences.
Situated in the Jaffa Port, one side of the restaurant provides a view of the Old City of Jaffa, while the other looks out over the Mediterranean Sea.
The ambience is intimate and relaxed, with a view of the kitchen from the bar and indoor tables. Outdoor seating offers guests a welcome breeze wafting from the Mediterranean.
There is also a large and attractive bar that is perfect for the beachgoer looking to end a sizzling day with a frosty beer or cocktail and a basket of fried calamari.
The food we ordered, which included mussels, shrimp, calamari and fish, was fresh and interesting.
The portions are of medium size (somewhere between an appetizer and a main course) and ideal for sharing dishes with friends. As most seafood fans likely feel, a view of the water makes the fish taste that much better.
After an explanation of the wine list by our friendly and informative waiter, we ordered a bottle of Chianti and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
For starters, we ordered tempura shrimp with a sarachi sauce (I could not detect any similarity to my favorite Asian spicy sauce) and a ceviche with cream cheese. In addition, we ordered a Caesar salad with breaded anchovies, as well as a colorful root salad that was fresh and tasty.
Main dishes range from jumbo shrimp baked with butter citrus zest to a chicken thigh baked in a tomato and Ras El Hanout yogurt, served with raw vegetables and tortillas.
With its magical setting in the heart of Jaffa’s Old City, Kalimera is well worth a visit.
The food represents good value for money, and the picturesque location is an extra bonus.
We stepped back out into the beach air, thick and salty, a breeze blowing off the crests of shallow waves.
Romanced again by Israel’s Mediterranean coastline, we walked away pleased with our experience of surf and seafood.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Kalimera Not kosher Depot 1, Jaffa Port (03) 682-3232