Theater Review: 'Speaking for Himself'

Hanoch Rosenne is classic mime for the Facebook generation.

Hanoch Rosenne 88 248 (photo credit: Menahem Oz)
Hanoch Rosenne 88 248
(photo credit: Menahem Oz)
Speaking for Himself Created, directed and performed by Hanoch Rosenne Tamir Productions Israel Festival May 31 What's not to enjoy here? Hanoch Rosenne at the top of his form. Big, colorful, super-imaginative, mind-boggling computer graphics that are both set and participant. Fantastic rapport with the audience, some members of which are easily cajoled to get up onstage for bits of business with Rosenne, who sends them back to their chairs glowing with pleasure. Sketches that amuse, enchant, touch and even teach lessons about the evil of drugs, respecting the environment, and relationships with one's parents, without a moment of preaching. Incredible physical coordination - he frequently has to synchronize with the graphics - and an easy mastery of the classic mime technique the great Marcel Marceau made famous. Because that's what we have, classic mime that's wrapped in Facebook-generation technology and well-seasoned with lots of genuine humor. Never a spoken word, but lots of sound and a sassy microphone that is a shameless scene stealer. This is five star all the way, truly fun for kids from nine to 190.