Eliahou Eric Bokobza at Hadassah Art Gallery

Eliahou Eric Bokobza at

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The Hadassah Art Gallery, at Merkaz Hamagshimim Hadassah, will be hosting a new art exhibition, "Land of Exiled Prayers," featuring artists Eliahou Eric Bokobza and Avi Rose. In the exhibit, Bokobza and Rose deliberate their past and express their personal conceptual creed through their art. Their work interweave elements of graphic art and fine art, based in the tradition of pre-State poster art, which lends a sense of nostalgia. In the works of both artists, the relationship between Zionism and the Israeli landscape is a central theme which they look at with both a supportive and critical eye. Each uses existing materials- family photos, posters from the early period of Zionism, Soviet postcards- which impact them, even if the materials aren't related to their personal histories. The artists present the new Zionist utopia, each from his own unique perspective, using mostly clean, geometric lines. They investigate the past, both personal and collective, be it their parental homes, the landscapes of their childhood or the distant and very distant history of Israeli society. The exhibit opens on November 12th at 8pm, and will run until December 25th.