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Scientific building an architectural triumph.

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Arts in Brief Memorial concert for Gary Bertini Today there will be a memorial concert at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center to honor Gary Bertini, the Israel Opera's first music director, who died March 17, 2005. Noam Sheriff and Avi Ostrovski will conduct the Haifa Symphony Orchestra in a program of Mozart's Requiem, a work Bertini loved, Sheriff's Akeda and the adagio from Mahler's 5th symphony. Born in Romania, Bertini immigrated in 1947 and completed his musical education here, in Italy and in Paris. Passionately involved with Israel's musical life, he founded the Rinat Choir and later the Israel Chamber Orchestra. An internationally respected conductor, he worked with many of the world's major orchestras and opera houses. He was the first non-Japanese to be appointed music director of the Tokyo Symphony. He was also professor of Music at the Rubin Academy in Tel Aviv. - Helen Kaye Scientific building an architectural triumph Cornell University's "Bridging the Rift" foundation will soon find an innovative new home on the border of Israel and Jordan in the Arava. The new building, which conducts extensive scientific research, will include a thermal mass to absorb the harsh heat of the desert sun, as well as an air chimney that tempers the hot air before it enters the complex. The structure has already been awarded an international design prize for innovation in Cannes, France by Architectural Review magazine. "There is a challenge inherent in trying to find an appropiate form in the desolate landscape of the desert," says Mustafa Abadan, one of the architects. "We've tried to underscore the beauty of the surroundings by creating a building that will help further the visionary mission of Bridging the Rift." - Rachel Irwin Devorah Omer wins Israel Prize Israeli author Devorah Omer was announced on Thursday as winner of the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement. Omer is a popular writer, known for her books, often aimed at children and teens.Together with Omer, the Israeli Andaluz Symphony and Al Schwimmer, one of the key founders of the Israeli Aviation Industry, also won the coveted award. - staff