Bieber loyalists keep vigil outside the pop star’s TA hotel

Over 100 “Bieberistas” gather to get glimpse of young pop star; hotel says it made serious security upgrades to accommodate Bieber entourage.

justin bieber fans_311 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
justin bieber fans_311
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Over a hundred shrieking fans of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber crowded outside the Sheraton Hotel on Tel Aviv’s promenade on Monday, hoping to get a glimpse of the heartthrob, who was sleeping off the jet lag inside.
Einat, an employee of the hotel, said that some of the girls had been outside since Bieber arrived at the hotel at midnight Sunday and had kept an all-night vigil until their numbers were swelled by additional “Bieberistas” in the morning.
She added that the hotel had undertaken serious security upgrades to accommodate Bieber’s entourage and that some of the other guests had complained of the noise.
Throughout the afternoon Monday, the girls chanted “We want Justin” and “Justin, Justin,” spontaneously breaking out into renditions of his hit song “Baby” and mobbing any car that arrived or left the hotel.
In addition, they would scream hysterically upon seeing anyone bearing any sort of resemblance to Bieber, including two young teenage tourists who bore more than a passing resemblance to “the Beeb,” and emerged from the hotel lobby to a short-lived hero’s welcome.
In a rather bold and oft-repeated gambit, pairs of teenage girls repeatedly tried to sneak into the lobby of the hotel by way of a service elevator near the entryway or a stairway and scaffold on the outside of the building. They literally wore their allegiances on their sleeves and their purple and black Justin Beiber t-shirts made the infiltrators easy for security to spot despite their diminutive size.
The two momentary stars were then mobbed by the Bieberites looking to debrief them for any intel they could supply on the singer’s movements inside the hotel, and possible points of entry to the safe zone.
Bieber brought his teenybopper bonanza to Israel for a concert Thursday evening at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park. He is also expected to visit Jerusalem, the Galilee, and the Dead Sea, the Tourism Ministry has reported.