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It just so happens, that Shiraz Tal modeled the recent collection of Crazy Line, one of Castro's major rivals on the local market.

shiraz tal 88 (photo credit: )
shiraz tal 88
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AT LAST week's launch of Castro's Summer 2006 collection, there was, as always, pre-show mingling over drinks in the curtained-off foyer. People gathered in the congested area for well over an hour before being permitted to enter the viewing section at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv's old port. The glut of media personnel with still cameras, video cameras and microphones in hand somehow managed to maneuver through the melee, searching desperately for celebs to photograph and interview. Most of the stars, knowing that fashion shows in Israel almost never start on time, arrived well after 8 p.m. - the time listed on the invitation. One of the few exceptions was international super model Shiraz Tal, who was wearing a black knitted sweater punctuated with silver thread, tight-fitting hipster jeans tucked into mid-calf black boots and a black urchin's cap perched on her head. Because Tal was the most visible celebrity, she was pounced on by almost every media representative, photographed from every angle, and endlessly interviewed. Once the show finally got underway, there were four long rows of camera people positioned on a multi-level stand opposite the catwalk, and six even longer rows of journalists on either side of the runway. The look for summer, said Castro co-director Etty Rotter, is urban romantic. The collection which in many respects is an update of 60s and 70s styles, runs the gamut from micro-mini to maxi. IT JUST so happens, that Shiraz Tal modeled the recent collection of Crazy Line, one of Castro's major rivals on the local market. Crazy Line, which has 53 stores in Israel, is going to get more exposure than it has in the past via Banot (Girls), a new daily program on HOT3, in which it will have a weekly spot with the company's fashion consultant Maya Kraus, offering advice and tips to viewers who have sent in full length photographs of themselves. She will tell them what lines and colors will be most flattering, and all her fashion tips will be available to anyone with computer access to the Internet at www.crazyline.co.il COMPETITION IS the name of the game. The trend these days is to woo audiences by creating as many as possible television programs that contain competitive elements. There were the reality shows of couples competing for apartments (Ratzim LeDira); Take Me Sharon in which a group of men competed to be the Prince Charming of a particular woman; The Ambassador (now starting a second season), in which attractive and intelligent young people competed to represent Israel in the US; The singing competition, A Star is Born; Born to Dance and now All the Way. The latest in this competitive series, which pits song and drama teams against each other, will be moderated by Einat Erlich, who has signed a deal with Reshet. A some time model and a former star of children's television shows, Erlich replaces original moderator Yuval Segal whose other work commitments forced him to bow out. The show is due to go to air on March 5.