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Yehuda Levy, who is starring in upcoming soap opera The Champion, was supposed to fall during a scene. The fall was a little too realistic, it turns out, with Levy falling on his head and experiencing a spell of dizziness.

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yehuda levy 88 298
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SOMETIMES YOUR manager really knows what's good for you. Eddie Butler, who was chosen to represent Israel at the upcoming Eurovision contest in Athens, didn't even know that he was competing in the preliminary competition until his wife read about in the newspaper. Butler's manager had entered him as a contestant and had neglected to tell him. But Butler rose magnificently to the occasion and triumphed over ten other individual artists and singing groups, including Zvika Pik, whose spirit of competition never fades, and whose melodies continue to rank at the top of the charts regardless of the outcome of any contest in which he participates. Journalists invited to cover the event were literally pushed outside the facility for lack of room. The good seats were taken up by relatives and friends who had come to encourage the contestants. SHOSHANA DAMARI, the legendary singer who died last month, has been assured recognition by future generations - at least in Givat Shmuel, where a traffic circle has been named for her. A small garden inside the circle will be planted with roses in her honor. The singer's name means rose - and the flower is therefore appropriate. THE THEORY that sex sells fashion has already been proven by Fox, TNT and other local firms. Renuar hasn't been quite as risqu in its stills and video footage featuring models Moran Attias and Itai Tirosh, though the poses don't leave much to the imagination. Tirosh is the son of Ronit Tirosh, the former education ministry director-general who is now running on the Kadima Knesset list and has a very good chance of becoming a legislator. Attias, who lives in Italy but commutes frequently to Israel, is affiliated with the Municipality of Milan, which appointed her its spokesperson for 2005-2006. AFTER PROVING himself as a journalist, author, TV host and scriptwriter for a dramatic television series, Yair Lapid is adding yet another accomplishment to his C.V. of creativity. He is now also a playwright. His first play, The Right Age for Love is due to premiere at the Cameri Theater next season. A May-December romance involving an older woman and a man young enough to be her son spawns a number of efforts within the woman's family to show her the error of her ways and convince her to return to her husband of more than three decades. Maybe by this time next year, Lapid will also be an actor. Acting can sometimes be a very tough profession - and not just because of the talented competition. Yehuda Levy, who is starring in upcoming HOT soap opera The Champion, was supposed to fall during a scene set at a soccer game. The fall was a little too realistic to be fun, it turns out, with Levy falling on his head and experiencing a spell of dizziness. In the final analysis, it proved not to be serious, and after a day of rest he was back in front of the cameras. YES IS a producing a television campaign to foster cancer awareness, with Ninette Taib serving as star of the campaign. Several celebrities have been diagnosed with cancer in recent months, and some have successfully conquered the dreaded disease. Organizers of the campaign hope that Taib's popularity will make more people sit up and take notice, because chances of survival are often better if people are familiar with the disease's symptoms and recognize them early. A FREQUENT flier between Israel and the US, Michal Yanai will soon be appearing in an American movie - a remake of an old favorite - entitled Finding Rin Tin Tin. She has some other good prospects in the offing as well.