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Among those who voted for the pensioners' party, Gil, were Agam Rodberg and her current beau Yoni Dotan, whose reason was that a state that doesn't care for its aged is a sick state.

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CELEBRITY SWIMWEAR designer Gideon Oberson, has not lost his touch, and at the showing of his new swimwear collection on the Herzliya Pituah beachfront last week, he proved that even after four decades as a designer, he can still be innovative. What was almost as interesting as Oberson's amazing ability to play with shape and color, was that the man himself has undergone an image change. For more years than anyone cares to remember, Oberson wore black - black jeans and tee-shirt in summer, black cords and sweatshirt in winter. This season, although a large part of his swimwear collection is black, occasionally offset by white detailing, Oberson himself has gone for color. ISRAELI SUPER model Bar Rafaeli, whose name has been romantically linked with that of Hollywood heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio, recently flew to South Africa where DiCaprio is working on his new movie Blood Diamond. Rafaeli who is in high demand at home and abroad, appears on the cover of the new French edition of Elle. It is the second time that she has been featured on the cover of the prestigious fashion magazine, and she has offers for cover photos on other international publications. IN THE election night broadcasts on Channel Two, political reporter Rina Matzliach in analyzing the results of the exit polls, noted several times during the evening that Gil, the Pensioners' Party had scored well because it had become a trendy thing to vote for Gil - so trendy in fact that entertainment celebrities felt the necessity to get on the Gil bandwagon. Among those who voted for Gil were Agam Rodberg and her current beau Yoni Dotan, whose reason was that a state that doesn't care for its aged is a sick state; and Moshe and Orna Datz, who were taking out insurance for the future in the realization that eventually, most of us, grow old. Dotan's late father, entertainer Dudu Dotan, in his capacity as head of the Israeli Union of Performing Artists (generally known as EMI, its Hebrew acronym), took special care of retired entertainers who were down on their luck, had little or no savings and could not make do on the paltry old age pension paid out by the National Insurance Institute. That same kind of concern is obviously in the genes. LAST THURSDAY morning, almost everyone who engaged in on-air early morning conversation with Israel Radio news and current affairs anchor Aryeh Golan, congratulated him on the 70th anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Service. To which Golan replied, "Thank you. Now we can join Gil." EVEN BEFORE the long knives were being drawn in Likud against their leader Binyamin Netanyahu, knives were drawn in the Channel Two studio between Matzliach and her former colleague Shelly Yacimovich, who is poised to enter the Knesset as a Labor MK. Matzliach and Yacimovich did not see eye to eye on a number of issues, and each time that Matzliach tried to express her opinion while sitting around the same table as Yacimovich, the latter who has a louder and deeper voice, would cut across her. If this continues once Yacimovich is ensconced in the Knesset, the upshot is bound to be a new telenovella. Incidentally, with regard to the trend towards Gil, Yacimovich admitted that she found herself trying to convince more people not to vote Gil but to vote Labor, than not to vote Kadima. SHARPENING THEIR swords and their quills in preparation for aiming their satirical barbs at the new government are inter alia, satirists Ephraim Sidon and Yedidiya Meir who each admitted on Channel One that Ehud Olmert is a little problematic - just not in the same lampoon category as figures such as Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, Shimon Peres and Amir Peretz. "What is there to write about Peres that has not been said or written before?" asked Sidon, who is arguably the nation's leading satirist. Even so, it's a safe bet that he will come up with something. Meir is giving thought to focusing on the horn-rimmed glasses of Gil leader Rafi Eitan. He is certain that the old fashioned frames are going to become a big revival fad in Tel Aviv.