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In a reversal of the old adage "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," Channel 2, which recently failed to lure London and Kirschenbaum away from Channel 10, is now out to defeat them in the ratings.

london kirshenbaum 88 29 (photo credit: Courtesy)
london kirshenbaum 88 29
(photo credit: Courtesy)
IN A reversal of the old adage "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," Channel 2, which recently failed to lure Yaron London and Mordechai Kirschenbaum away from Channel 10, is now out to defeat them in the ratings. The channel is putting together a formidable news trio to discuss the events of the day, with veteran journalists Amnon Abramovitch, Razi Barkai and Ari Shavit set to present their own daily commentary about what's rocking the boat in Israel. Barkai and Channel 2 News Corporation chief Shalom Kittal go back all the way to when the pair worked for Israel Radio, where Kittal served as a Knesset reporter and Barkai as the anchor for It's All Talk, a political program subsequently taken over by current Labor MK Shelly Yacimovich. Barkai is now hosting a similar show on Army Radio, while Abramovitch recently reconfirmed his talent for scooping competitors with his scandal-igniting revelations about Beit Hanassi. Shavit, a senior writer at Ha'aretz, also writes for the New Yorker and other prominent foreign publications. He's more soft spoken than either Barkai or Abramovitch, which should create an interesting dynamic between the hosts of the new program. The show's format has yet to be determined, but it's bound to be a gripping production for news buffs and media watchers alike. ELSEWHERE ON the Channel 10 news front, Merhav Group chief Yossi Maiman, the channel's chief investor, is on his way to the bridal canopy. Maiman and his long-time companion, lawyer Halit Ben-Israel, are scheduled to marry in the first week of October. OF THE numerous complaints lodged about Israeli media coverage of the recent war, one of the most common was that TV news crews provided Hizbullah with vital information by reporting on IDF troop movements. With technological advancements making it increasingly easy to provide information before its effects can fully be taken into account, criticism of the mass media has only grown. To confront the new situation, the Israel Press Council decided last week to appoint a committee to determine a new set of rules by which the media will operate in times of war. Retired Supreme Court Judge Dalia Dorner, who was recently elected president of the IPC, will head the committee. AFTER PARTNERING with actor Sami Huri in the first season of Rokdim im Kochavim ("Dancing with Stars"), the beautiful Anna Aronov has found another successful match with soccer star Haim Revivo in the show's hit second season, which comes to an end Monday evening on Channel 2. Though she's brought out the best in both Huri and Revivo, Aronov has let it be known she won't participate in a third season. It doesn't look like Aronov will go long without work, however: the dark-haired dancer recently received an offer from English TV's Strictly Come Dancing, the model for Rokdim and dance contests in nearly 20 other countries. Whether it's an offer she can't refuse remains to be seen. HER MANY trips to Italy have made a profound impression on Ahinoam Nini - so much that the singer has included several songs in Italian on her latest album. Naples - Tel Aviv was released last week, and as usual features the musical accompaniment of guitarist and long-term Nini partner Gil Dor. MOST BRIDES go on a diet before the wedding, but cutting back on calories wouldn't have done much good for former MK Inbal Gavrieli when she and soccer star Liran Strauber celebrated their second round of nuptials last month. Though it was fairly common knowledge that Gavrieli was pregnant, the media for the most part avoided calling attention to the couple's impending parenthood. The baby, when he or she arrives, will be a 10th generation Israeli.