Child of foreign worker deported for first time

Following Yishai's announcement that kids not meeting gov't-set criteria would be expelled, Nigerian mother and baby deported.

A foreign worker and her six-month-old baby were deported from Israel on Monday marking the first such deportation since the government ruled to expel 400 children illegally staying in Israel last year.
Army Radio reported that the mother who was deported came to Israel as a tourist with a group of Nigerian pilgrims, remained in Israel and gave birth to a baby.
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Last week, Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) announced that the government decided to delay the deportation of children enrolled in state-run kindergartens and day schools. The deportation of the remainder of the 400 children, however, could begin in the next few days, the Population, Immigration and Borders Authority said.
The deportations follow a cabinet decision last August 1 that approved the deportation of approximately 400 of the 1,200 children of illegal residents of Israel. NGOs estimate that of the 400 children slated for deportation, approximately half are enrolled in state-run schools.
“After finishing all the necessary requirements, and sensitive attention paid to the public, I have delayed the enforcement of deportation for those families with children already studying in educational institutions within Israel,” Yishai said in a statement released by his ministry.
“At this stage, we will begin with the children of families for whom there is no disagreement as to their noncompliance with government-agreed conditions,” he said.