Dance Review: Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor

The collaboration between Sheinfeld and Laor proves again that both have a modus operandi that helps them maintain their individual perceptions.

Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor Duets Suzanne Dellal Center Tel Aviv January 3 Collaboration between dancer-choreographer Niv Sheinfeld and performer Oren Laor proves once more that the two artists have a modus operandi that helps them maintain their individual perceptions and lends an extra dimension to their joint ventures. Sheinfeld is a seasoned dancer and a player on the contemporary dance field, while Laor's large frame has strong dramatic presence - with an inclination toward the absurd. The show opened with a prelude by Laor and dancer Noga Golan, a petite redhead who flirts ferociously with that shy, somewhat awkward, good-hearted giant. The pair used the two doors onstage to create a comedy of errors in the best slapstick tradition of the silent film era. Their pursuit - divided into in three sections - was fresh, funny and offered an optimistic view of the future. "On Life and Death," performed by Niv and Sivan Gotholtz, centered around gender role issues, responsibility and introspection. Both are wonderful, attentive dancers with maturity and artistic honesty, which turned the work into a touching document. Ran Ben-Dror and Oren Tishler excelled in "Co-Variance," the second duet, which was choreographed by Sheinfeld. Both were truly attuned to each other and performed the beautiful dance with energy and pizzazz without losing its delicate, sensitive moments. I totally enjoyed the evening in spite of the unfavorable conditions of the Yaron Yerushalmi stage at Suzanne Dellal.