Joan Rivers to make Israeli TV debut on 'Matzav Ha'Uma'

Comedic evening talk show will broadcast its seventh season on Tuesday from New York City featuring the Jewish funny-woman.

Joan Rivers (photo credit: Courtesy)
Joan Rivers
(photo credit: Courtesy)

The Jewish funny woman known for her controversial remarks, Joan Rivers, will be featured on Tuesday evening's broadcast of the popular talk show, Matzav Ha'Uma.

Orna Banai , Einav Galili, Guri Alfi and Lior Schlein, the comedic stars of the program, filmed the premier of their seventh season in New York City, where they were lucky enough to get Joan Rivers to film a segment, which Israeli broadcaster Reshet will air this week.
One of the comedians from the show, Shlein, described their endeavor to the diaspora a "journey to Israel's separation from the world."

"Taking the Show on a journey out of the studio it is always a challenge," added Schlein.
He also said that the cast is excited about "performing in New York in front of hundreds of Israelis who have decided not to live in Israel, but who care about the situation here."