Israelis with maritime leanings will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of some state-of-the-art sailing craft and equipment.

Movie Park 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Movie Park 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Beersheba goes to India
The Ayalim Association’s Hehalutz 33 student village in Beersheba’s Old City is offering the public a trip to India today. This week’s event is being organized in conjunction with Shai and Anat Sorek, who specialize in all aspects of Indian culture.
The afternoon program features Indian music, clothes and food. Shai Sorek and Michael Calter (a.k.a. DJ Meshoogeneh) will keep the musical vibes going with a heady mix of Bollywood dance, Punjabi music and some Israeli Indian musical seasoning.
There will be the regular homey Hehalutz 33 ambiance, with plenty of comfortable seating arrangements and a cut-price bar. The event is supported by the Merage Foundation and the Kivunim company, which supports the development of the Old City of Beersheba.
Entrance is free. The program kicks off at 11 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.
Hollywood at home in Rishon
Between April 20 and 22, the public will get a glimpse of how the local film industry works at the Movie Park on Rishon Lezion’s seafront promenade.
The program includes a movie-related fair with a range of sites and facilities. One spot that is sure to set the public’s pulse racing is the Action and Stunts area, where professional local stuntmen will go through their daredevil paces and there will be a demonstration of special effects.
Other highlights of the Movie Park include a Wild West fair, complete with hands-on activities and games, encounters with characters dressed up as cowboys and Red Indians, and food stands with victuals fit for a cowboy. There will also be a superhero area, a fully-equipped film set and inflatable movie characters for younger kiddies to enjoy.
Tickets and more information: (03) 966-6141 and
Bird-watching in the Arava
The fifth annual bird-watching festival takes place at various sites around the Negev today and tomorrow. This is the time of year to catch millions of our feathered friends, and hundreds of species, heading north to Europe for the summer.
The three-day event, which began yesterday, also includes a visit to the safari at the Antelope Farm, and a trip to the Hai Bar animal reserve at Yotvata.
Today and tomorrow there are several bird-watching tours on offer requiring varying degrees of physical exertion.
Guests of local accommodation facilities, including bed-and-breakfast places, guest houses, and outdoor accommodation sites, can enjoy all the activities free of charge.
For registration and more information about tours and accommodation, call: 1-800-225-007, or go to: or
Plain sailing
Israelis with maritime leanings will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of some state-of-the-art sailing craft and equipment this morning, at an exhibition at the Caesarea Marina. The exhibition opens at 11 a.m. and will close just before the start of Shabbat.
The exhibition, which is being organized by Aqua Marina sailing craft company, will incorporate dozens of boat models, some of which have never previously been shown in Israel.
This year, for the first time, the show will feature a wide range of fishing boats manufactured by the US-based Cobra company. Other exhibits include grade A and B fishing craft built by Trophy, and boats made by top professional fishing craft manufacturer Luhrs. Other companies with exhibits at the show include Bayliner, catamaran manufacturer Fountaine Pajot and water-skiing boat builder Malibu. One of the star exhibitors will be the UKbased Princess company, which is bringing over some of its top yachts.