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Balkan beats and Megadeth hard metal both bring the crowds this week, while a Pessah festival for Anglos will delight Jerusalem theater-goers.

Top 10 Things to Do (photo credit: courtesy)
Top 10 Things to Do
(photo credit: courtesy)
127 Hours
James Franco stars in director Danny Boyle’s inspiring survival drama based on the incredible true story of Aron Ralston, who became trapped alone in a Utah canyon for days after slipping on a loose rock, and resorted to extraordinary measures in order to make it out of his dire predicament alive.
At selected cinemas throughout the country.
Balkanic Eruption
Balkan Beat Box mixes big-beatstyle electronic rhythms and Balkan folk melodies with lots of klezmer, jazz and rock. At the helm of the group are Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat, two Israelis who have been making waves in the New York underground indie/punk scene for many years. Catch these talented musicians as they storm the Shuni Amphitheater stage to promote their latest album. NIS 149.
Tonight, 8, Shuni Amphitheater, Jabotinsky Park, Binyamina; (03) 762-6666
Mega Metal
Hard rock veteran Megadeth will be making its fourth appearance in Israel this week at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds. Led by former Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine, Megadeth rose to international fame in the 1980s as one of the “Big Four of Thrash,” along with Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax. It has released some classic musical statements including the platinum-selling landmark Rust in Peace in 1990 and the Grammy nominated, multi-platinum Countdown to Extinction in 1992. With more than 25 million albums sold worldwide and nine Grammy nominations, it has remained one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all time.
Saturday, 8:30 p.m., www.hadran.co.il
Working Hands
The Israel Museum presents the work of the avantgarde portrait photographer Helmar Lerski, alias Israel Schmuklerski (1871-1956).
Some 150 modern prints from negatives in the museum collection will be on display, the majority being unpublished photographs Lerski took in Palestine between 1932 and 1948, on view for the first time. These images were made using Lerski’s signature technique of lighting his subjects with mirrors to achieve dramatic results. The images on display focus primarily on working people, and on their hands in particular.
Ongoing at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, (02) 670-8952.
Stage One
During Pessah, Beit Avi Chai, in collaboration with Merkaz Hamagshimim Hadassah, is devoting three days to the very best of Jerusalem English-language theater, shining a spotlight on this thriving urban subculture while offering a unique perspective on issues of identity and culture from both local and international perspectives. Highlights include The Maccabee Queen, a feminist play set in the tumultuous period of the Hasmonean kingdom and S.Y. Agnon’s story “The Fable of the Goat.”
Runs Wednesday through next Friday, www.bac.org.il.
Sabra Songs
The annual Yemei Zemer Festival will take place at the Holon Theater on Pessah. As usual the four day event will be chock-full of stars and intriguing projects which stretch across a wide spectrum of genres and stylistic approaches. There will also be salutes to some of our iconic musical figures, including a show based on works by late legendary composer Mordechai Ze’ira.
The rest of the festival agenda reads something like a roll call of the leading figures of the Israeli pop and rock industry, including the likes of Ahinoam Nini, Shlomo Gronich, Yoni Rechter, Sassi Keshet, Riki Gal, Ben Artzi, Hemi Rudner and Mika Karni.
Freedom Fair
Tel Aviv’s renowned Nahlat Binyamin artsand- crafts fair celebrates the Festival of Freedom with an impressive selection of handmade gifts, street performances, musicians and more.
Runs tomorrow through April 25, www.nachalat-binyamin.com.
Out of Egypt
Ha-Chava in Tel Aviv, offers kids an exciting Pessah experience that combines an ancient game of kings, the story of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, acquaints them with the mysteries of ancient Egyptian writing and gives them hands-on experience in an archaeological excavation camp. Besides these activities, visitors can also enjoy a variety of other activities including a “Dubala” show – the Haggada story as it has never been told before; and “Gepetto’s Club” – a carpentry workshop where parents and children can build together. In Hebrew.
Runs Wednesday through April 25, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., www.hachava.org.il
Big Top Antics
The circus is heading back to town, and this time it’s on ice. One of this Pessah holiday’s big attractions is likely to be the Moscow Circus on Ice. Featuring acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists, animal performers and clowns who fly around the rink with the greatest of ease, this classic show is constantly touring Europe. The circus, aimed at both children and adults, will make stops in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.
Starts Saturday through till April 22. www.showtickets.co.il/CircusOnIce
Ballet Meets Breakdance
Complexions is an internationally acclaimed American dance company which combines elements from media such as film, photography, poetry, theater and urban street dance, to create its own voice in the field of dance.
The company was founded in 1994 by artistic directors Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson and is made up of 16 dancers, all from different backgrounds and cultures. The music ranges from Jimi Hendrix and Prince to Beethoven.
Runs April 23 through 30, www. rafibenjacob. com for details.