Three for three

The Mondrian Piano Trio performs a triplet of Dvorak’s chamber pieces.

The Mondrian Piano Trio 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
The Mondrian Piano Trio 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
‘We decided to build the program of the upcoming concert following a 3-4-5 scheme,” says pianist Ohad Ben-Ari as he takes a break at a Tel Aviv café after a rehearsal. Ben-Ari, the founding member of the Mondrian Piano Trio, is referring to the concert that will take place on Saturday (December 17) at the Einav Center.
“The rationale behind the programming was to perform pieces by one composer [Dvorak] and add a new performer for each piece. Since this is a long and notso- easy program, we thought that the energy that each new performer brought would help the audience keep listening. As for us,” laughs Ben-Ari, “we could have continued and performed a sextet as well.”
As a result, the Dvorak among Friends evening performed by the Mondrian Trio (Daniel Bard, violin; Hila Karni, cello and Ben-Ari, piano), which hosts Jerusalem Quartet violinist Alexander Pavlovsky and violist Avri Levitan, will perform three of Dvorak’s chamber pieces: Piano Trio in F minor; Piano Quartet in E flat major; and Piano Quintet in A major.
The trio members meet mostly on tour and make it a point to regularly appear in Israel at the Shtriker Conservatory Chamber series.
“We are totally devoted to Shtriker,” says Ben-Ari, “simply because we believe that its chamber series is one of this country’s best – if not the best. And we appreciate the ongoing efforts of Raz Binyamini who, as its artistic director, does everything to maintain the highest standards possible, under the conditions that are far from ideal.”
The concert takes place on December 17 at 8:30 p.m. For reservations: (03) 546-6228