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Sarah Jessica Parker - the star of the popular television series Sex and the City - now has her own perfume called Lovely.

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The Other is a series of body moisturizers and eau de toilette from Soft Touch consisting of three different scents: Senso, Being and Soul. To complete the line, there is also an aromatic body wash. The products all smell delicious and the prices are affordable enough to give them as gifts or to pamper yourself for a change. Soul is supposedly relaxing, Being is fruity and dynamic and Senso is sweet and flowery. The body moisturizer is NIS 85 for 200 ml., and the aromatic body wash is NIS 50 for 250 ml. Soft Touch products are available in the SuperPharm stores. A colleague who generally likes Pnina Rosenblum's make-up products - in spite of the sometimes cheesy packaging - had nothing but praise for the new Sun Glory Bronzer. The bronzer comes in two different shades in a round box, creating a picture of a sun embossed with Pnina's signature. It has a great texture and color for a bronze blush - just the right amount of glittery shimmer and not too dark, though its shade can be adjusted according to the amount applied. It is best applied with a large brush and dusted across cheekbones; some women also like to dab some on their foreheads and chin. This product is not inexpensive, though: a 33 gr. box (a fair amount) is NIS 300. Sarah Jessica Parker - the star of the popular television series Sex and the City - now has her own perfume called Lovely. So if you're a fan of this funny series featuring confident and sexy women, you would probably be interested in trying this scent. The woman who tried it judged it surprisingly more appropriate for daytime wear and not seductive enough for a night on the town. This traditional, fruity-flowery scent is for more serious women, those who like to play on the safe side with their perfume choices. The pink bottle with a pink ribbon around the neck is simple and elegant; 30 ml. is NIS 275, 50 ml. is NIS 395 and a 100 ml. bottle is NIS 520. A colleague with very thick, straight hair was very happy with the Phytobrush Special Smoothing Shampoo for blow-drying. A shampoo containing acacia honey, it did exactly what it was supposed to do: provided a good cleaning and made her hair very smooth, so the brush didn't get stuck while combing. Plus, the shampoo does make blow-drying easier afterwards. The only disadvantage of this product is that it comes in a glass bottle - not too practical in a bathroom. The price for this shampoo is quite steep: a 200 ml. bottle, which is a small amount for a bottle of shampoo, is NIS 59.95. Delta's new summer lingerie collection contains some funny items in addition to the expected sexy bras and panties. The collection includes Disney panties and camisoles - not the modern kind in screaming colors, but with old-fashioned prints and more subdued shades, including black panties with a gold Mickey Mouse picture (NIS 35) that say "Mickey Forever" on the tush. There are also boxer shorts and camisoles to match; prices for the boxer shorts start at NIS 35, panties go from NIS 30 and camisoles from NIS 60. Almay's Non-Oily Eye Make-up Remover Pads are small pads drenched in some not-so-pleasant smelling material (even though it is supposed to be 100% fragrance free) that effortlessly wipe off any eye make-up. For women like me who are allergic to most eye make-up, such remover products are crucial, and this one seemed to do the job perfectly. The pads are very practical, since you don't have to apply remover as they already contain it. A package with 80 single use pads is NIS 65. In addition to the non-oily pads, there are also Moisturizing Eye Make-up Pads.