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Many showbiz celebrities are coming out with their own fragrances these days, and the new scent Live is not Jennifer Lopez's first.

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perfume bottle 88
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Many showbiz celebrities are coming out with their own fragrances these days, and the new scent Live is not Jennifer Lopez's first. The perfume was described by a friend as a sexy, candy-sweet fragrance that is great for summer nights. Live is a perfume to be worn by young, confident women, those who are not afraid of first impressions. With its multicolored glass, the bottle will look elegant on display; 50 ml. is NIS 395 and a 100 ml. bottle is NIS 535. Pantene has three new hair products for brunettes, blondes and redheads (sorry, nothing for gray or black hair!), although not for those who have this hair color naturally. Although I once was a natural blonde, now I need the help of my hairdresser to brighten up the color; Pantene's Blonde Expressions shampoo and conditioner promise to prevent color from fading and protect the hair from damaging outside effects. The shampoo and conditioner smell pleasant and leave the hair feeling soft and manageable, as is the case with all of Pantene's shampoos. I cannot really tell if it makes any difference for the color, but it's sure nice to think my hair is better protected. The products are, not surprisingly, more expensive than the regular versions: a 300 ml. bottle (less than the amount in other bottles) of shampoo or conditioner is NIS 23; a 150 ml. tube of Color Expressions hair mask is NIS 30. Clinique's Repairwear Deep Wrinkle Concentrate for face and eye area got high marks from a friend, who loved the texture and the smooth feeling it left on her face. Even though the skin feels smooth, it's hard to say if existing wrinkles really do disappear, but the look of the skin seems evened out. A pleasant surprise was that, in spite of what looked to be a very small bottle, the concentrate lasted a long time; 30 ml. is NIS 420, not cheap, but this woman is hooked. Romantic pink and purple colors are trendy this coming summer, and Avon's Glimmerstick eye liner in Majestic Plum fits right in. A colleague who certainly knows how to use eye make-up loved the color and the high-quality texture, since it doesn't smudge. The liner can also be applied to the bottom inside line of the eye. On the practical side, the liner doesn't require a sharpener because it has one built-in (you twist it like a lipstick). The price for the Glimmerstick is NIS 59; you can order Avon products by calling (03) 648-5316. St. Ives has a new Purifying Aroma Steam body wash that supposedly works with the steam of your shower, so you can experience aromatherapy at home. St. Ives body washes contain minerals from icy cold glacier waters in Switzerland, and this purifying body wash contains sparkling fruit and white tea extracts. The gel-soap is blue with tiny dark blue particles; it smells delicious, although it wasn't clear what the steam of your shower has got to do with adding more aroma. The price for a 355 ml. bottle is NIS 26; also available is a Fresh H2O body wash, sold at NIS 23 for 399 ml. and an Apricot Radiance Age-Defying face cleanser (NIS 33). The scent of Dior Homme, the new Dior perfume for men, is based on the iris flower and smells very elegant. The bottle looks simple and sturdy yet elegant, and has a stainless steel cylinder down the middle. The man who wears it warns that the subtle aroma of citrus that's detectable may have an irresistible aphrodisiac effect. So if this sounds good to you, you can get a 50 ml. bottle for NIS 336 and 100 ml. for NIS 480.