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I like to stay out of the sun as much as possible, and therefore I will hardly ever get a natural tan.

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loreal bronzer88
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A colleague who tried the Vichy Peel Micro-Abrasion kit was a little intimidated by the sight of the different creams and peeling that had to be used once a week for about three weeks. As it turned out, it wasn't as difficult or as complicated as it seemed, and she followed the instructions very carefully. The treatment consists of a micro-dermabrasion cream, a peeling solution, a neutralizing soothing solution and an anti-ageing day cream with Vitamin C and a sunscreen factor of 15; all this is supposed to fight ageing of the skin and leave it as smooth as if you went to a dermatologist for a micro-dermabrasion treatment, a kind of polishing of the skin with micro-crystals. Even though her skin felt good, my colleague didn't notice any real difference after the treatment; the price for this Vichy anti-ageing kit, available in selected pharmacies, is NIS 400. Papaya's new summer collection of sandals has so many cute models my seven-year-old had a hard time picking a pair. She finally settled for blue sandals with pink hearts and flexible soles that seem to be very comfortable. Most of the sandals are made from leather and some have jeans fabric on top; both of which are better than the suede fabric you so often see in kids' sandals and shoes, which fades immediately in the sun and is hard to clean. Older girls also have the option of wearing sandals with higher platform soles. The price for these cute sandals is NIS 139; you can find a list of stores that sell Papaya shoes at, or call (03) 681-1168. A friend was very enthusiastic about the new cream by Helena Rubinstein called Gold Future, which supposedly contains active micro-gold particles that fight damaging free radicals; this probably explains why you have to pay gold for this cream: a 50 ml. jar is no less than NIS 840 (available in the April pharmacies). While at first the skin looks a little shiny after application, the cream is soon absorbed and leaves the skin velvety soft and evened out. So if you're between age 30 and 45 and want to stop time, go for the gold; the jar itself will look very elegant in your bathroom. I like to stay out of the sun as much as possible, and therefore I will hardly ever get a natural tan. The Nutribronze cream by L'Oreal for people with fair skin seemed to be the perfect solution and was surprisingly easy to use. The cream can be applied every day, even twice a day if you have the courage, and gradually gives you a nice tan, something that is much harder to achieve with classic tanning sprays or creams. The only disadvantage is the slightly off-putting chemical smell it leaves, although it is not nearly as strong as that of other self-tanning products. The price for this cream isn't too bad either: a 200 ml. tube is NIS 50. Alexander McQueen is a fashion designer whose newest perfume is worth buying if only just for the bottle. The new fragrance, called Kingdom, is a sweet and flowery smell with hints of jasmine and ginger, not too heavy and very suitable for the summer time, according to the woman who wears it now. The bottle is a half circle shape that stands on its base with a silver-colored bottom and a top part made out of glass, through which you can detect an elaborate picture of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The price for a 50 ml. bottle of Kingdom eau de toilette is NIS 291. A friend who suffers from redness on her face was hoping that the Harmonie Gentle Soothing Mask by Decleor would bring some relief. The mask contains extracts of rose, chamomile, lavender and other anti-inflammatory plant extracts. At first the mask feels rather cool, but after a few minutes the skin kind of heats up; after about 10 minutes you rinse off the mask. Although it felt pleasant, the mask didn't really take care of the problem skin; a 50 ml. tube of the Harmonie mask is NIS 237.