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The new blushes by Revlon have a funny design: If you push a button underneath the blush pad, a little mirror pops up on the side

revlon blush 88 (photo credit: )
revlon blush 88
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Beautifeel makes very elegant sandals and shoes that are unbelievably comfortable; even the high-heeled pumps I tried on in their store didn't make me feel like tripping over all the time. The bronze-colored Venezuela sandals I've been testing out not only look good, but give the feeling of walking on air; the upper leather is very soft and the soles are made out of flexible latex. Also available in the summer collection are flat ballerina-type shoes with flower patterns. Although Beautifeel sandals definitely have a more elegant design than other comfort shoes on the market, you do have to pay more for them. The prices for the sandals and shoes in the new summer collection range from NIS 449 to NIS 679, but your feet will be grateful for the investment. Escada's Pacific Paradise eau de toilette was described by a friend as a perfect fragrance for the summer, with fruity notes that evoke far-away vacation destinations. The scent is light enough for this time of year and the colorful bottle in blue and dark pink is designed to remind you of the tropical sunsets in a blue ocean. The price for a 100 ml. bottle of Pacific Paradise is NIS 529, 50 ml. is NIS 399 and 30 ml. is NIS 279. The new blushes by Revlon have a funny design: If you push a button underneath the blush pad, a little mirror pops up on the side. The blush is compact enough to put in your purse, and the powder - with a botanical complex of green tea, ginkgo biloba, ginseng and grape seed extracts - is nice to the touch and goes on easily. On the downside, the little brush provided with the blush, though handy for when you're on the road, is way too small and leaves streaks on the cheeks; the powder is best applied with a big powder blush. The Revlon blush with pop-up mirror is available in seven different shades and costs NIS 105. The Hydrofirming-Lift day cream by Avon was a good choice for a colleague with combination skin, and although the cream was not described as "oil free," it did not leave a greasy film on her face. After a few days of use, it made the skin feel firm and supple; the cream contains a sun protection factor of 15, which is a plus in our climate, especially if you're not the type to apply a sunscreen separately. The price for the Hydrofirming-Lift cream is NIS 129; you can get Avon products through an Avon sales person (call 03-6485316). Even if we take the time every now and then to apply a facial mask, the eyes are an area that usually doesn't get that much attention. Christina Forever Young takes care of just that with the Smooth Eyes Mask, a cream in a bluish color that you can apply once or twice a week to the eye area. The cream, containing several vitamins and a so-called epidermal growth factor, feels very refreshing and smells pleasant, too. A 50 ml. jar is NIS 160; Christina cosmetic products are available through select beauticians. The summer fragrance Lacoste Cool Play eau de toilette for men was described as a fruity, fresh and tangy aroma, perhaps a shade more pungent than the regular Lacoste scent Style in Play (in the red bottle), which is not a bad thing during the months of July and August, when you sweat more. The design of the bottle is the same as the design of the regular Lacoste fragrance for men, only the color is blue, evoking a freshness and the color of blue summer skies. You pay NIS 299 for 125 ml.