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New products by Clinique in the fight against aging skin are the Turnaround 15-minute facial mask and the Turnaround Visible Skin Renewer concentrate.

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A friend who tried out the new perfume by Calvin Klein, Euphoria, described it as a sweet and delicious mix of exotic fruits and flowers. She was also happily surprised by its staying power, with the fragrance lasting quite a bit longer than most other scents she has used. The aluminum shell bottle with a little glass "window" through which you can see the purple-colored perfume is designed to fit perfectly in your hand, and the rectangular silver cap is a Calvin Klein signature design trait. The price is NIS 417 for 50 ml., or NIS 548 for 100 ml. Moran has upgraded their summer collection of comfort shoes this year, and while we're not talking high-heeled pumps, this footwear is looking more elegant than previous models. An acquaintance who always wears flat shoes was surprised by the comfort of the high platform clogs with an open toe. The shoes, in black leather embossed with a crocodile-style pattern, got her a lot of complements, too. The Moran clogs are available in different models and colors, with prices ranging between NIS 310 and NIS 390. Someone with combination normal/oily skin loved the fresh feeling provided by the L'Or al Pure Zone Peeling Gel, which was not too abrasive and left her skin feeling clean and soft. She uses it twice a week to thoroughly clean her whole face; those with combination skin can use it every day on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) area. A 150 ml. tube is NIS 50; also available in the L'Or al Pure Zone line are a cleaning gel, a lotion and the Deep Control moisturizing cream. During the summer months, you hair could use a little extra attention, what with damage done from sun rays and pool/ocean water. I have to admit I was a little hesitant to use something called the Moroccan Oil Mask (which sounds more appropriate for frying felafel), but in spite of the name, it left my hair soft, manageable and even gave it more volume. Though the mask has to be left on the hair for five to 10 minutes, which is a little long for this type of application, it's definitely worth it to take the time for this treatment periodically. The Moroccan Oil Mask is NIS 130 for a big 500 gr. jar and is available at select hair salons (call 03-958-0788). New products by Clinique in the fight against aging skin are the Turnaround 15-minute facial mask and the Turnaround Visible Skin Renewer concentrate. Both products supposedly prompt a renewal process that leaves the skin more radiant. The Skin Renewer is a serum with a cocktail of exfoliants that feels velvety soft; after applying, you can follow with your regular day cream or night cream. The 15-minute mask, to be used once a week, is supposed to have the effect of micro-dermabrasion (a more aggressive peeling of the skin), but doesn't feel like that at all. The blue gel feels fresh at first, but after a few minutes the skin starts feeling tight; after taking it off with warm water, the skin looks and feels smooth. The price for a 50 ml. jar of the facial mask is NIS 255, and 30 ml. of the Skin Renewer serum is NIS 295. L'Or al's new Glam Shine Crystals lip glosses have a funny-looking heart-shaped applicator, which is nonetheless very effective for applying an even layer of the gloss on your lips. The sparkling gloss is available in five different shades and is ideal make-up for the summer season when you're looking for something light and bright. The gloss can be taken with you wherever you go and the heart-shaped applicator makes re-applying a breeze, even with no mirror on hand; Glam Shine Crystals cost NIS 80 a piece.