Hyper color

This spring/summer, some of the colors are quiet and subdued, while others are vivid and glamorous.

fashion model 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
fashion model 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
This season, fashion is embracing color like it hasn’t done for a long time. And that is so refreshing after a long, dark winter that consisted mainly of black, purple and grey.
It’s not just clothing that is bursting into color but also shoes, furniture and cosmetics.
It’s a whole happy celebration of color. It’s a collaboration of the world of fashion, beauty and interior design -- the variety of worlds that surround us.
There is a wide spectrum of colors to choose from. There are shades that inspire and brighten up our lives, colors that calm us down and make us feel serene, and there are hues that don’t elicit emotion but are interesting on their own.
This spring/summer, some of the colors are quiet and subdued, while others are vivid and glamorous. Two of the hottest numbers this season are coral and watermelon. Coral is ideal for summer, and watermelon is also great; it’s definitely the new pink. And peach is still in season -- a muted, almost nude shade.
Another winner this season is icy mint green, as well as shades of blue. Darker shades of blue like cobalt, electric blue and teal are very trendy as well.
You don’t have to go for the total look from head to toe. You can use splashes of color in your accessories such as shoes, bags, jewelry, light scarves. They all go great with white, which never goes out of fashion.
And if you are daring enough, you can go for combinations such as coral and violet or watermelon and mint green.
As for interior design, you don’t have to paint the walls or change the furniture in your home. Go for small but effective touches.
Upholster an armchair in a shade you love, toss some cheerful pillows on the sofa, and place a colorful vase or a few dramatic decorative items on your shelves and end tables. If you think fashion and comfort don’t go together, think again. The Naot slogan “It’s fashionable to walk in comfort” quickly conquered the world. Naot manufactures a large variety of footwear with a unique anatomical footpad. The footpad is a “negative” print of the foot, like the footprint we leave when walking The Israeli company designs, develops, manufactures and markets comfort footwear that i s sold in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Israel.