Stylish Selfies: Behind the scenes with Israel's finest

Fashion photographer Ella Manor joins the 'selfie' trend and photographs herself with the bigwigs of Israel's fashion industry.

Holy Fashion selfie (photo credit: ELLA MANOR)
Holy Fashion selfie
(photo credit: ELLA MANOR)
Holy Fashion, a weekly column, follows fashion photographer Ella Manor as she explores new trends and icons within the fashion and culture of Israel
Motti Reif
The hero behind the Israeli fashion world, proud producer of Gindi TLV fashion week for three years, a masterful creative director of just about anything he sets his mind on, and my dear new friend.
Lisa Peretz
The editor of Haaretz's "Galeria" newspaper, a goddess amongst the media world, an unsung hero of the fashion world, and one of the coolest, most feisty women I've ever met.
Keren Mor
One of the funniest women actresses in Israel, Keren has become a household name for playing both funny and dramatic roles in theater and on TV, in the last few years Keren has also established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.
Titi Aynaw
The stunning and graceful Titi holds the title Miss Israel 2013, she is the first Ethiopian born Jew to win the title. US President Obama invited Titi to attend a gala at the White House in March 2013. You go girl!
Tamara Yovel Jones
A true fashion icon and one of the most respected figures in the fashion industry, Tamara's list of achievements is long. A former designer for Roberto Cavalli and Maskit, Tamara now holds the prestigious position as head of the jewellery and fashion design departments in Bezalel and no one deserves this important role more than she does.
Orna Datz
A Israeli icon, singer, actress and morning talk show host, the lovely Orna Datz is one of Israel's most known figures, and the fashion world has caught on and embraced her as its darling.
Ira Simonov
Fashion merchandising designer, specializing in store window and point of purchase display, Ira is also an avid fashion blogger. If there's a fashion event anywhere in the vicinity she'll be there, with (lovely) bells on.
Shachar Raban
Fashion stylist, personal shopper, fashion consultant and blogger, all that is fashion is Shachar. Never misses a runway show and takes his fashion very seriously.
The writer/photographer is a multimedia artist, fashion photographer and trendsetter.
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Illustration by Efrat de Botton