Trend forecast: Blast from the past – are the '70s back?

Out with the old, and in with the older: From flared jeans to funky patterns to a blast of color, the fashion of 2011 travels back in time.

70s fashion 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
70s fashion 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Think Studio 54, think Saturday Night Fever, think groovy, because the '70s are back. Fashion trends of the last few years have been heavily influenced by the '80s; however, this year designers are going further back as they draw inspiration straight from the retro decade itself.
While the 1970s style has earned a bad reputation for oversize collars, slightly odd patterns and polyester "everything" – as we all know, out of the bad can come some good, and this year fashion designers are doing just that. From bohemian style, to funky color palettes, from the minis to the maxis, 2011 will forever be remembered for its modern re-interpretation of the 1970s iconic styles.
Fashion hits and misses of 2010 Strike a pose
Whether you love it or loath it, here’s a look at some of the major styles that will pop up this year.
Sound of the bellsDon’t worry, skinny jeans are going nowhere this year! But they will have to move over and make room as flared jeans and trousers come back this year for men and women alike. Since the 1970s bell bottoms have tried (and tried) again to re-gain hold of their market share, and yet failed miserably. However, this year, the combination of this classic retro style mixed in with a few modern elements - lose not tight at the knee - will make this pant instantly hip.
A splash of color
70s Fashion
70s Fashion
This year, out with the black in with the color! Pastels, tropical hues and bold tones are back, and in a big way as designers turn to a "happier" kaleidoscope of colors to boost spirits as well as sales. The 70s were full of dazzling shades, vivid patterns and intoxicating color combinations and what better way to bring back this decade’s infamous style, than by incorporating its eye popping prints. From mustard yellows and bright oranges to royal purples and deep blues we will see lot mixing and matching between different patterns and tones this year.
Maximize the maxi
This dress has been making a comeback for some time now; however, this year’s new style twist will push it straight to the top of our “must have list." By merging with another one of this year’s hottest trends –the “see through” look – the maxi will go, well ... sheer. The fusion of the two styles allows the wearer to show off a little skin, without going over the top - turning this loose fitting and once laid back piece into an instant eye popper.
Not just a 'Dutch thing' anymore
What better way to top off your revamped 70s inspired look, then with the decade's signature shoe – high heel clogs with a platform. Aside from giving us some extra height and accessorizing our style, these shoes are known for being incredibly comfortable.
Time to Accessorize
Last but certainly not least, the icing on the cake - the accessories. While we love the minimalistic look of the past few years a the return of the 70s means the return to over the top accessorizing. Topping off our list is the decade's infamous wide brim floppy hat in an assortment of colors.