Country charm

For a dining experience that is stylish, savory and serene, try Sirin in Kfar Kish.

Sirin in Kfar Kish (photo credit: Courtesy)
Sirin in Kfar Kish
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Spring brings out the romantic in us – the green meadows, blooming fields, the birds building their nests, and the sound of crickets as the sun goes down. For us, it is time to get out of the house and head to new places. One such place is Sirin, a rustic French restaurant in picturesque Kfar Kish, facing Mount Tabor. Not only is the area lovely, but the décor, the setting and everything about the restaurant is perfect for a romantic evening out.
Created by Gadi and David Valdman (the chefs) and Gadi’s daughter Revital, who is the interior designer of the place, this enchanted restaurant, located near the Tabor stream, welcomes its guests with an impressive garden that is bright and beautifully lit. Inside, the high ceiling, soft colors, 1950s music and Parisian décor create a perfect backdrop for an enjoyable evening.
The staff was very attentive but let us be. No one hovered over our table asking repeatedly if everything was all right – as they do in so many places. Just a nod was enough to get our waiter’s attention.
As we sat down at our table, we were served the house’s homebaked bread with an olive tapenade and excellent sun-dried tomato butter (NIS 12).
For appetizers, we ordered the salmon ceviche (NIS 45). Ceviche is a trendy dish, and ever y chef prepares it a little differently, but we think that salmon is not the right fish for it. Made with aromatic olive oil, lemon juice and zest, pepper and Atlantic salt, it was not our favorite dish, but it was tasty and will appeal to many diners.
We loved the Galilee-style salad, served with croutons and local feta cheese and peanuts (NIS 40).
Another winner was the cheese-stuffed champignon mushrooms, dipped in beer batter and fried, served on a bed of pesto (NIS 38).
For main dishes, we elected to tr y the grilled lamb chops (NIS 115) and the veal chateaubriand served with strips of goose breast (NIS 125). Both were prepared to per fection and served with a side dish of pommes Sirin (baked potatoes smothered with fresh herbs).
For dessert, we had a very rich chocolate, nut and halva layered pudding called Bavarian, which was very good and very sweet (NIS 30), as well as home-made chocolate pralines (NIS 30). It was a lovely end to a very relaxed and romantic spring evening out.
This stylish restaurant also has ample parking and excellent accessibility for the disabled.
The chefs proudly mention that all the meats are aged on the premises and that great attention is given to using local produce.
“Everything is made here – from the bread to the pralines, the sauces to the apple strudel.”
Sirin also serves breakfast, rich in Galilee cheeses, olives and vegetables, and is available for small to medium-size functions.
The writers were guests of the restaurant.
Not kosher
Kfar Kish
(04) 676-0976; 052-819-5189
Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday noon until last diner. Friday, Saturday 9 a.m. until last diner.