Exclusive video: The Israel weekly wine show

A wine connoisseur explores a different Israeli wine every week: First, Dalton Wild Yeast Viognier 2009.

Wine 311 (photo credit: Jonathan Amerikaner)
Wine 311
(photo credit: Jonathan Amerikaner)
Are you an avid wine lover? Do you want to expand your knowledge about the different Israeli wineries? Then join in as Esther Cohen, owner of My Israel Wine Tours, presents The Israeli Weekly Wine show.  Esther’s passion is to educate the world about the delicious, high-quality, and unique wines coming from Israel.  Each week, she will present a different Israeli wine – smell, taste it, explain it and then judge it.
This week the Dalton Wild Yeast Viognier 2009:
Rich and silky smooth, this white wine has just the right touch of honey, pineapple, and peach sweetness. It is fermented for four months in French barrels with wild yeast.  The Dalton winery, located in the upper Galilee, was established in 1995 by the Haruni family from England. Currently Dalton winery produces about a million bottles annually.
Israel has 380 wineries, both kosher and non-kosher, spread across the country from the Golan Heights to the Central Coast to the Negev Desert. While most are small "boutique" wineries, some are large international companies that produce more than a million bottles a year.
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