French food with a flair

6th Bistro in Tel Aviv is elegant, intimate and appealing.

6th Bistro in Tel Aviv is elegant, intimate and appealing (photo credit: Courtesy)
6th Bistro in Tel Aviv is elegant, intimate and appealing
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Nestled on Tel Aviv’s Jabotinsky Street, 6th Bistro is the kind of restaurant everyone wants in their neighborhood. French-trained Israeli chef Amir Markowitz combines the finest in locally sourced ingredients with accents of French cuisine for a gastronomic sensation that, together with a stylish, relaxed atmosphere, makes a visit there an appealing dining experience.
The cozy and elegant dining room is adorned with decorative items from France that contribute to the intimate ambience and make the restaurant a perfect setting for a romantic meal. A feeling of privacy and seclusion is created, as the tables are well spaced. There’s a lovely outdoor terrace in the front, filled with tables and chairs for al fresco dining, in addition to the main dining area and long bar.
We started our meal with the salade nicoise (NIS 48), which was not only presented beautifully but also tasted as good as it looked.
The seared ahi tuna was perfectly seasoned, and the vegetables were very fresh. In addition, it was served with a delicious fresh baguette.
This was followed by salmon tartare (NIS 48). The infusion of chevre cheese and roasted greenhouse tomato helped complement the subtle texture and flavors of the raw fish, and the dish was mildly salted, which I enjoyed very much.
Next up was cooked asparagus (NIS 46) topped with a poached egg and grated Gruyere cheese.
This tasty dish demonstrated how fresh ingredients can elevate a simple dish to the sublime. The fresh, crunchy, perfectly cooked asparagus was extremely good As expected, the main courses were very tasty. My dining partner, who is a seafood fanatic, tried the blue crab gnocchi (NIS 120). She loved the texture of the gnocchi with the crisp then chewy goodness, which came from being seared on one side.
And I was a very happy camper when I was served the filet mignon (NIS 130) in a reduced red wine and berry sauce served with mashed potato and a puree of white truffle mushrooms. The cut was perfect – full of flavor and just enough juice. It came in two pieces. I assume that was because it was cooked more easily that way for it to be thoroughly well done. The knife was barely needed, as the meat could not have been more tender.
Desserts were equally good: the chocolate tart and the tarte tatin (NIS 40), a classic French dessert involving an upside-down caramelized apple tart and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
All in all, it was a superb culinary experience, highly recommended for a special lunch or dinner. The food served was not what one would normally prepare at home – however, 6th Bistro feels comfortable and homey. This provides all the more reason to dine out, a definite plus in my book.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
6th Bistro
Not kosher
110 Jabotinsky St., Tel Aviv
Tel: (03) 696-8581