Getting ready for the countdown

Many restaurants and pubs around the country are offering something special for the night of December 31.

Restaurant 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Restaurant 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Uno, a kosher Italian fish restaurant, offers a three-course dinner for two for NIS 169 per person.. (03) 693-2005.
Another Italian eatery, Pronto, one of Tel Aviv’s best chef’s restaurants, recently moved to 4 Herzl Street. It offers a six-dish tasting menu for NIS 350 per person. (03) 566-0915.
Montenegro, at 26 Nahmani Street in Tel Aviv (where Pronto was located for years), is the new “happy place” for local foodies. Offering a vast Gypsy-like tapas menu, it promises to serve free shots of vodka and other hard liquor to diners throughout the evening.
The Moses chain will serve a special menu starting at 7 p.m., which includes a three-course meal and two glasses of champagne for NIS 200 for two. (*9449
Ramat Gan’s neighboring chef’s restaurants on Abba Hillel – Chloélys and Maraboo – both offer special dinners on New Year’s Eve. Chloélys offers a five-course menu accompanied with as much wine as you can drink, to the sounds of live music with the Der Wellerz band. NIS 690 per person. (03) 575-9060.
At Maraboo, Yoav Bar will offer his five-course menu in two sittings: at 7 p.m. for NIS 320 per person including a glass of Cava, and at 10 p.m. for NIS 390, including a glass of Cava at midnight. (03) 603-6666.
Juno wine bar celebrates with lots of bubbly and oysters. It will offer special prices on French champagne for NIS 58 a glass and NIS 320 for a bottle. (03) 544-6620.
Jerusalem’s Mona offers a European atmosphere in the old Bezalel building. Enjoy a four-course dinner next to an open fire for NIS 300 per person. (02) 622-2283.
The Tahana compound near Neveh Tzedek will offer loads of options to choose from. One is the Italkiya dinner (the Italian), which promises to celebrate in the Neapolitan manner with lots of fish, seafood and champagne. (03) 522- 2664.
Nearby, in Neveh Tzedek, the Dallal bistro will offer a special champagne dinner with many deals on alcoholic beverages at midnight. The festive menu is offered at NIS 400 per person. (03) 510-9292.
The new King David restaurant in Tel Aviv (corner of Ibn Gvirol and King David Ave.) invites guests to a biblical feast, cooked only from ingredients mentioned in the Bible and served in heavy ceramic dishes, accompanied by as much red wine as you can drink. NIS 160 per person. (03) 691-0007.
If you’re hankering for a good Hungarian New Year’s Eve dinner, head for Tulip on Tel Aviv’s Ben Yehuda Street, where for NIS 200 per person you’ll get the best this cuisine has to offer – and a glass of Hungarian wine. (03) 566-8444.
At Rokah 73, chef Eyal Lavi will serve a culinary feast consisting of a host of appetizers served in the middle of the table, as well as soup, a main course, a dessert and a glass of Cava for NIS 330 per person.
Traklin has an all-bubbles theme going on with sparkling wines from around the world, champagne accessories and many specials. (03) 566-0013.
In Ashkelon, the Luna restaurant, located in an old Han building, offers a romantic dinner for two plus a little gift for the ladies for NIS 300 and NIS 99 for a bottle of champagne. (08) 672-2220.
And in Eilat, you can celebrate a warm New Year’s Eve at the Isrotel restaurants. Dine at The Marina (kosher) for NIS 500 per couple (08) 636-8989. The Monkey’s pub live music and lots of alcohol, fireworks at midnight and a DJ (minimum order NIS 50 per person). Another option is the great Italian restaurant La Cucina (not kosher), which will serve a special festive dinner.