Holiday delights

Do Hanukka calories count? We surrendered to the new doughnuts, and so might you.

Doughnuts 521 (photo credit: Ronnen Mangan)
Doughnuts 521
(photo credit: Ronnen Mangan)
It’s tradition, and come Hanukka Israelis seem to forget about calories and go for the sweetest and richest doughnuts they can find. In recent years, bakeries around the country have been outdoing each other, trying to create the most imaginative doughnut ever, and this Hanukka they have come up with some very interesting ideas.
There will be 3,000 tons of doughnuts sold during the eight days of Hanukka (almost 14.5 billion calories), says Barry Shen, Pillsbury Israel’s director of sales. “The Israeli customer demands change in doughnuts as much as in every other field; and next to the traditional ones, we can find many innovations made by bakers who draw on new techniques and Oriental cuisine.”
A large selection of mini (55 gr., NIS 2.50) and regular (85- 95 gr., NIS 3) doughnuts. Among the flavors are toffee, vanilla and chocolate, as well as ones with various frostings for NIS 5. Available at many supermarkets and food chains.
Shufersal and its baking brand Gidron will mark the calories on its doughnuts. Its 80-gr. doughnut is NIS 2.49 and mini 35-gr. NIS 2. A box of six large doughnuts costs NIS 14 and eight small ones NIS 15. Boxes of ready and frozen ones to take home will also be available.
Ben Ami Perhaps the best we tried were prepared at Ben Ami Jerusalem. It offers doughnuts filled with many kinds of jam, marmalade and other homemade fillings, such as brioche with crème patissiere (NIS 8) and citrus marmalade (NIS 6). Ben Ami also offers savory latkes, fried or baked with dips (NIS 79 for a box of 20). All branches are kosher lemehadrin and offer home delivery for orders over NIS 169.
The Neveh Tzedek bakery offers a variety of doughnuts and fillings. Its special this year is the Dallal Fix – a designed box of four to nine doughnuts and a filling kit including syringes with your choice of fillings. A box of four with one filling is NIS 34, a box of nine with three fillings NIS 75. Lots of fun! 7 Kol Israel Haverim Street, Neveh Tzedek, Tel Aviv, (03) 510-9292.
Cappuccino, fruit vanilla and mascarpone are just a few of the fillings offered by Eyal bakeries, in addition to healthier versions made from whole wheat. There are also Belgian chocolate, halva, truffles and a selection of latkes in a variety of flavors. While the traditional jam-filled doughnut will cost NIS 4 (either baked or fried), the special ones will cost NIS 5; and if you buy seven, you’ll get the eighth one free. Kosher. Ness Ziona (08) 940-2882; and Rehovot (08) 931-5895.
Meet your favorite goodies inside the doughnut. Biscotti launched a collection of special doughnuts with fillings inspired by Snickers (chocolate and peanut butter), Bounty (coconut cream, chocolate and coconut flakes), Oreo and many more, in addition to the traditional familiar ones. Prices range from NIS 4.50 to NIS 7.50. Kosher. 68 Hayarkon Street, Bnei Brak, (03) 570-4015/8.

Bread Classic and tasty, these are among our favorite every year. This Hanukka, Tatti is offering doughnuts filled with liqueur crème cassis, Belgian chocolate and homemade strawberry jam, butter cookies and white chocolate and more. Prices range from NIS 4.90 to NIS 6.50. Café and bistro Tatti, 53 Derech Hashalom, Givatayim; and 3 Avraham Giron Street, Yehud, (03) 539-2500.
Orna Bar
The Kfar Saba bakery and café offers a large collection of regular and mini doughnuts, including light ones for the calorie conscious (NIS 8) and gourmet packages for entertaining. The package of eight pieces includes Belgian chocolate fillings, pistachio, dulce de leche and more (NIS 30). A box of eight potato and sweet potato latkes costs NIS 30. Kosher dairy. Call to order in advance (09) 766-9189.
A new addition to the Roladin vast collection are the Chaser doughnuts, injected with alcohol for added joy at your party. These will be available for a few days only in three flavors: vodka double espresso, with a Belgian chocolate glaze and filling; crumble cacao pavlova, with whipped cream and fruit vodka and white chocolate glaze and meringue; and bianco chocolatta – Italian crème with hazelnuts and chocolate liqueur. Prices range from NIS 4 to NIS 9. (09) 899-9927,