In Season: Master of the grill

A few helpful tips and a couple of great recipes will emancipate your culinary powers.

grilled food 311 (photo credit: MCT)
grilled food 311
(photo credit: MCT)
With Yom Ha’atzmaut next week, heralding the start of another “sizzling” summer, it’s time to get your grill out again. Some people want to be more adventurous when it comes to cooking outdoors, so by following a few basic instructions, I am sure that you will attract some unexpected guests from other barbecues in the neighborhood that will follow the smells from your fire.

How are you celebrating Yom Ha'atzmaut?
✔ 1.8 kg. beef spare ribs
✔ 2 Tbsp. olive oil
✔ 2 onions, peeled and chopped
✔ 4 clove garlic, crushed
✔ 2 red chili peppers, finely chopped
✔ 2 tsp. fennel seeds, crushed
✔ 115 gr. dark brown sugar
✔ 100 ml. soy sauce
✔ 600 ml. ketchup
✔ Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1. Heat the olive oil in a saucepan.
Add the onion and garlic and fry until fragrant. Add the chili peppers, fennel seeds and sugar and cook, stirring often, until sugar melted.
2. Add the soy sauce and ketchup. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.
Bring to the boil and simmer for around 5 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.
3. Place the spare ribs in a large baking dish and cover with the marinade. Cover with plastic wrap. Place in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours or overnight. Check a few times during the marinating process to ensure that the meat is completely covered with the sauce.
4. When you are ready to cook your ribs, just remove them from the marinade and roast them on your barbecue grill. This recipe also works well when you roast the ribs in your oven.

Tandoori is traditional Indian spice rub that gives it a fantastic flavor. You will want to sear the lamb hot to seal in the juices and give it a nice crusty surface.
✔ 2 kg. lamb cutlets
✔ 1 tsp. brown sugar
✔ 1⁄2 tsp. turmeric
✔ 1⁄2 tsp. curry powder
✔ 1⁄2 tsp. cumin
✔ 1⁄2 tsp. coriander
✔ 1⁄4 tsp. dry mustard
✔ 1⁄4 tsp. dried ginger
1. Combine turmeric, curry powder, cumin, coriander, brown sugar, mustard and ginger in a small bowl.
2. Dry rack of lamb with paper towels and coat with spice mixture.
3. Set aside for 1 hour. Preheat grill. Place lamb on hot grill and sear on each side for about 2 minutes.
4. Reduce heat or move to a cooler part of the grill and continue grilling until the internal temperature reaches at least 60ºC.
5. Allow to rest for about 10 minutes then cut into chops and serve.
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We are interested to know how you plan on celebrating Yom Ha'atzmaut.
Please send us pictures of any barbecues, street parties or concerts that you will be attending to [email protected].