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At Super Sushi, the food tastes as good as it looks.

Super Sushi (photo credit: Courtesy)
Super Sushi
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Tel Aviv is full of sushi restaurants, both independent establishments and chains.
Super Sushi finds itself somewhere in the middle, with only three branches in the city. This means it was successful enough to open more than one restaurant, but having only three branches means that each one has its own character and style. I had already been to all three restaurants, but it was time to investigate the Idelson branch, the only one that is not officially kosher and located nearer the beach in a more touristy area.
Walking into Super Sushi, it’s obvious that care has been taken to create an intimate environment. The small restaurant, which has been in existence for four years, has various seating arrangements that include a large outdoor area, higher bar level tables on the inside, as well as a couple of couches for those who want a more relaxing environment.
The black furniture and dark lighting create an atmosphere that makes it suitable for a late evening dinner, but the place is informal enough for a light lunch.
We sat down at a table, and the service was attentive. Although we didn’t have the same waiter throughout the evening, we had a diverse selection who all made the evening run smoothly. We were even fortunate enough to have the sushi chef come to our table and explain the different dishes to us.
We ordered a selection of special rolls, which were priced between NIS 30 and NIS 40, and we enjoyed the music as we waited for our food to arrive.
To get us in the mood, we tried the miso soup, which was a generous portion and hit all the right spots.
While the traditional sushi is the main focus at Super Sushi, the menu has a few Middle Eastern influences, which makes for an interesting experience.We tried a number of different types of sushi, but the most unusual and Middle Eastern-inspired one was the sea bass roll covered in eggplant.
While eggplant is not typical in sushi, the local ingredient added an extra element to an already tasty roll.
Other highlights of the sushi that we tried included the spicy tuna sandwich, which included four huge pieces filled with a generous helping of fresh fish, with vegetables to accompany it.
Another notable dish was the Yozo sea bass with tobiko fish eggs on top. It didn’t matter if this sushi was tasty or not because the presentation stole the show, with the tiny bright orange eggs making it stand out. Luckily, though, it tasted as good as it looked.
Other dishes worthy of mention were the tuna crunch roll and the salmon panko. They both were slightly fried on the outside, adding a bit of a crunch to the faultless sushi.
Even though we didn’t have much room for dessert, we decided to share something small just to round off the evening with something sweet. We went for crispy rolls filled with white chocolate and dulce de leche ice cream. The sushi-inspired dessert was tasty and was just the right size after quite a large meal.
Usually after consuming the amount of food that we did, I would feel full and bloated. But the great thing about fresh sushi is that it doesn’t fill you up in the same way that so many other types of cuisine do.
The food at Super Sushi is good quality, and the presentation and attention to detail make the tasty food taste all the better. With reasonable prices and good service, it’s worth checking out Super Sushi if you are on your way back from the beach or want to have a more intimate dinner.
You don’t just have to visit the restaurant to enjoy what Super Sushi has to offer. It also provides outdoor catering on the roof of the nearby Gilgal Hotel at 7 Ness Ziona Street.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.

Super Sushi
Kosher (but open on Shabbat)
10 Idelson St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 1-700-707-161
Open Sunday to Saturday, from noon to midnight