Top 5: Juice places in Tel Aviv

Food enthusiasts at Taste TLV give their verdict on the best that the Tel Aviv dining scene has to offer.

Berries 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Berries 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
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The best aspect of Israeli food culture is arguably the freshness of our local produce.
The end result of any dish is kicked up a few notches with the freshest local flavors and vibrant colors. Juice and smoothie stations are ubiquitous in Tel Aviv, with each establishment offering a different twist on a straightforward idea.  
Most juice and smoothie stands are immediately recognizable by their natural decor - fresh fruit and vegetables hanging from the ceiling or perching precariously atop one another, beckoning thirsty pedestrians with their bright and bold hues. 
The standard juice stand offers a slew of options for a delicious drink on the go. For a fruit smoothie, you can typically choose from a base of water, orange juice, yogurt, or milk. Once you have your base, feel free to mix and match the fruit of the season, and the juice master will blend all the ingredients you choose.  
If you’re looking to boost your veggie intake, choosing a juice made from local fresh vegetables will give you a refreshing and healthy drink to sip on. If you’re overwhelmed by the options, simply ask the juiceman what he recommends and you surely won’t be disappointed.  
With so many choices in the city, it can be difficult to decipher where to go, thereforeTasteTLV has compiled a list of the best juice stands in Tel Aviv. The list is based on the freshness of ingredients, creativity of drinks, and friendliness of staff.
1. Complete package
While fruit smoothies are delicious, I’m partial to nutrient-rich juices made of pure vegetables, because they give the body the quickest nutrient boost. The fiber is removed from the vegetables when they are juiced, so the nutrients are readily absorbed into your system quicker than the traditional way you may eat your veggies.
A little juice stand on the corner or Melchett and Shenkin Street offers my favorite juice combo.  Named the “Complete” juice, this concoction will surely rev up your body like none other!
-Rachel Recommends
Complete juice:
1 stalk of celery (leaves included)
1/2 Lemon
1/2 inch piece of ginger
2 beets
2 Israeli cucumbers
1 small apple
1/2 teaspoon of ground flax seed
2 drops of extra virgin olive oil
Corner of Shenkin and Melchett Street
2. Tikva's treats
When Tikva opened her juice stand nine years ago, she had a vision to bring health awareness to urban residents. Today with over thirty combinations to choose from, based on their healing combinations, Tikva has designed a fruit stand to help remedy many common health issues, anywhere from fatigue to sinuses to anxiety. 
You also have the choice of adding a splash of olive oil to your shakes. Tikva says this “will assist your body to absorb the vitamins." Tikva only uses seasonal fruits and vegetables at her stand, and guarantees that nothing is ever frozen to ensure you get the optimal nutritional value of each fruit and vegetable. Her juice menu changes seasonally and Tikva is known to use non -traditional ingredients in her juices, such as sweet potato and turmeric root. Tikva inspires a healthy city, one juice at a time.
- Judith Recommends
Stress-away juice:
2 apples
2 raw beets
2 carrots
piece of ginger
piece of turmeric root
juice from one lemon
½  tablespoon of Olive oil (poured on the juice once it’s been mixed)
Corner of Carmel Market and Hashomer Street
3.  King George Rasta 
You may be familiar with this stand by the reggae music that rolls down the street. There is usually a friendly man with impressive dreadlocks serving the drinks; he goes by the name of Daniel. 
This is not quite like any other juice stand; the atmosphere is very inviting and relaxing, while at the same time offers a quick stop. The location of this stand, located on the hustle and bustle of King George, makes it a great place for an early morning detox after a long night in the city that never sleeps.
-Kassandra recommends
1 bunch grapes
2 apples
1/2 raw beet
1/4 grapefruit
1/4 lemon
King George Street between Bograshov Street and Meir Park
4. Tamara 
Believed to be one of the most beautiful and appetizing fruit juice stands in Tel Aviv. It stands very central, where Ben Gurion boulevard crosses Dizengoff. And each time I pass the hut overflowing with brightly colored, bananas, sabra fruit, kiwis, oranges, pomegranates and more, I always think to hop off the bus and grab a fresh smoothie. I love all fruits and this makes me a very indecisive customer, what I love about Tamara is they always have the patience to make suggestions or additions.
-Kassandra Recommends
Personally I always get a smoothie at Tamara, whereas other juice stands I will usually get fresh squeezed juice. 
My main squeeze is the following mix, with a base of milk:
1 banana
½ cup pineapple
½ cup mango
5 strawberries
4 dates
Corner of Dizengoff and Ben Gurion Street
5. Reasonably refreshing
There’s nothing like a refreshing drink to get you through the unbearably hot summer days in the city, enter Limonana. Limonana is a refreshing take on lemonade and nana (mint leaves) all blended together to make the ideal summer slushy. 
Although most juice stands in the city offer this cooling mix, the best is this juice stand on Nachalat Binyamin. Using whole lemons, the freshest nana (bought first thing in the morning from the market) and a desirable dose of sugar, this heavenly summer drink combines the flawless blend of sweet and tangy.
-Judith Recommends
2 lemons juiced
zest from half a lemon
2 tablespoons of sugar
1.5 cups of water
6 nana leaves
½ cup of ice
Entrance of Nachalat Binyamin Street
Insider Tip: Almost every juice stand has a loyalty punch card. Don’t forget to ask on your first time, and get a free juice by the end of the week.
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