Top 5: Pizza restaurants in Tel Aviv

For all pizza lovers Taste TLV share their verdict on where to get the best slice in the City.

Whole pizza 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Whole pizza 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Judith S. Goldstein is the Co-Founder of TasteTLV. TasteTLV is the ultimate culinary guide for dining in Tel Aviv.
The Pizza: Hapizza is hands-down the number one pizza in Tel Aviv, which is what you would expect after a decade of work spent creating the ideal pizza recipe. The combination of the crispy crust, the fluffy interior, the imported tangy cheese and the homemade tomato sauce all made in a brick oven, is simply flawless. There are many pizza aficionados in the city that would agree that HaPizza has created it’s namesake recipe to perfection. You don’t want to experience Tel Aviv without a stop at Hapizza.
The Atmosphere: Hapizza’s open and airy space provides for a refined yet low key atmosphere. The simple beauty is captured in the space and in the food. The sidewalk seating on the urban and hip Bograshav street makes a meal at HaPizza a true Tel Aviv experience.
Recommended Pizza: The margarita pizza- it’s basic yet scrumptious.
Bugrashov, 51 (03) 528 1077, non-kosher
Italkiya B’Pishpushim
Italkiya, located in the lively surroundings of the Shuk Hapishpushim, provides a delicious and authentic pie. These lovely creations come stacked with loads of savory vegetables such as artichokes, bell pepper, and olives. Yet what makes them most exciting are there interesting sauces, if you’re tired of the run of the mill tomato sauce, opt for pizza that comes with bechamel sauce or for something tangy, you can have the pizza with the red bell pepper sauce. The pita like crust is the perfect width, not too thin and not too thick, forming crunchy bubbles around the edges.
The Atmosphere: At Italkiya you can sit at the bar to have a front row seat of the kitchen and mingle with the friendly bartender. On a Friday you will be in the crossfire of the many merchants shouting their prices and deals. If you go at night, the mystique and romance of the closed up shuk, creates a story-like setting. You feel as though you have run away from the city, and found yourself in a romance mystery novel set in another European country, a hundred years ago.
Recommendations: The Carbonara pizza is a twist on Carbonara pasta on a pizza crust: bechamal suace, egg yolk, pancetta and parmesan- it’s unique and dangerously good. Their vegetarian pizza is also a real treat, served with a bounty of hearty veggies.
Olei Zion 16, 057-944 3711, non-kosher
Napoletana Pizza
The Pizza: Originally from Naples, with a solid background in restaurant management in New York, training from the top Naple’s pizzerias, and a member of the Versace Pizza Napoletana Association, Guiseppi has finally brought a classic Naples Pizza to the streets of Tel Aviv. These authentic treats strictly follow the rules of the Napoletana Association so ingredients are precise and the taste is genuine. Finally we can have Naples style pizza without having to go to Naples.
The Atmosphere: Guiseppi designed and put together all the beautiful mosaics that decorate the restaurant. The interior is very reminiscent of Italy. The colorful wooden chairs and tables and the checkered table clothes gives it a country like flair mixed with Guiseppi’s personality and personal style.
Recommendations: You know what they say, “when in Rome,” well, in this case, when in Naples- go for the traditional Napoletana pizza and get it where is good.
Ivn Gviriol 14, (03) 642-4740, non-kosher
Pizza Phillepe
The Pizza: With inventive and playful toppings including, roquefort cheese, goat cheese, pancetta, balsamic cream and much more, Pizza Philleppe has a tasty treat for every palette. The thin crust pizzas are made in wood burning stoves and the pizza dough is made meticulously to perfection. Pizza Phillepe combines the Italian techniques of dough making with the French flavor combinations in their toppings. Pairing their creative pizza’s with one of the wines on their extensive wine list, a fine way to have a meal.
The atmosphere: The interior is spacious, elegant and cozy. The fire wood is cleverly stored on the built in wall shelves that provides a very cabin like essence. Bar seating is available and a huge wooden dining table is the ideal space for big parties. French inspired Chandeliers hang from the ceiling ever so gracefully reminding the diner that this is truly Italian pizza with a French twist.
Recommendations: If you’re in the mood for meat, my personal favorite is the “Prosciutto Campagnarde,” topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, arugula, cherry tomatoes, baby mozzarella, parmesan, prosciutto and balsamic cream. The balsamic cream adds just the right citrus flavor playing nicely off the sweetness of the tomato sauce, the fresh tomatoes and the tangy bitter of the arugula. If you want a veggie pizza try the “La Forestiere Biance” the Roquefort cheese adds a deep element in the dish.
20 Carlibach Street, 057-944 3290, non-kosher
Piccola Pasta
The Pizza: Piccola Pasta is known for their fresh, earthy pastas but the pizza is also pretty groundbreaking. The ultra thin crust plays beautifully with the super fresh ingredients. The homemade tomato sauce, market basil and rustic cheeses all taste distinct, yet meld nicely together. Chef Yoav truly has a knack for making ingredients sing.
The atmosphere: Piccola Pasta’s dark, romantic interior makes way for the perfect intimate meal, where you can truly savor your food. The walls are aligned with wine bottles that glisten ever so slightly in the dim setting. Recomendations: The pizza selection is limited at Picolla, there are only a few on the list, yet any flavor you choose will be undeniably delicious.
53 Ben Yehuda,(03)529 0643, non-kosher
Judith studied Middle Eastern Politics at the University of California in
Santa Barbara. She has worked in the hospitality and culinary industry
for 10 years.