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Telma has new healthy breakfast cereals that are available for a limited time only.

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telma cereal 88
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Telma has new healthy breakfast cereals that are available for a limited time only. The Pinukei Briyut honey-coated whole wheat flakes with cranberries is very tasty, and it's good to know that cranberries are rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants; a 450 gr. package of cranberry Pinukei Briyut is NIS 20. To make cholent (stew) the easy way without having to peel any potatoes or soak beans overnight, you can use the Pri HaGalil vegetable mix for cholent, containing potatoes, white beans, chickpeas and wheat grits. You can find this mix in the frozen food department; an 800 gr. package is NIS 12-14. Strauss has a series of Ahla salads containing only 5% fat. The Ahla Light series contains five different salads: eggplant in mayonnaise, spicy eggplant, red cabbage, potatoes and sweet potatoes and a Balkan salad with mixed vegetables. The salads contain fewer calories, but are not any less tasty; a 500 gr. container is NIS 14. Another light product containing 5% fat is the Osem spread you can use on sandwiches. The spread comes in two varieties: garlic spread and thousand island spread; one spoonful contains only 19 calories. A 250 gr. jar is NIS 7.70. St. Dalfour has a series of flavored organic green teas made from tea leaves grown in Ceylon without the use of chemicals. The organic tea comes in the flavors ginger & honey, mandarin-orange, strawberry rose, spring mint, cinnamon apple and mango; a box of St. Dalfour organic tea, containing 25 tea bags, is NIS 16.90. Nofet has packages of dried vegetable mix, ready to be used in different dishes. You can find five different varieties: tomatoes, pepper, celery, onion and a mix containing a variety of dried vegetables. The weight varies from 100 to 220 gr., and the price is NIS 12 a package. To give your food a flavor of the Far East, Osem has a new Thai sauce, a slightly spicy soy sauce with ginger that you can mix with chicken, meat, noodles, rice or vegetables. A 290 ml. bottle is NIS 9.50. Lurpak spreadable butter is great on a sandwich, but if you're concerned about the calories butter contains, you'll be happy to know that now there's a light version of this butter containing 25% less fat. This slightly salted butter is just as tasty as the regular version; a 250 gr. tub is NIS 14. Kids love the cute little bear-shaped cookies called Matoki (sweetie) by Papouchado; the cookies are available in raspberry flavor with sprinkles or in chocolate flavor. A 250 gr. bag is NIS 5.