Food Tidbits

Pie decoration; healthier chicken; Bellini cocktails.

bellini cocktail 88 (photo credit: )
bellini cocktail 88
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For those who love to bake, Poliva has a whole line of home baking products that will make the decoration or filling of any cake or pastry super-easy. The available baking products are blueberry pie filling, cherry pie filling, apples & cinnamon pie filling, poppy seed filling, halva spread, coconut spread, cinnamon spread, date spread, chocolate spread, caramel cream, chocolate chips and chocolate fingers; the fillings and spreads can also be added to yogurt or used for the preparation of blintzes. Recipe ideas are added to each container; the Poliva baking products are available in supermarkets for NIS 10.50. Be'er Tuvia is marketing healthier chicken called Tevof, small chickens that have been fed special food, not containing any antibiotics or chemicals. Compared to regular chicken, Tevof contains about one-third less fat and more omega 3 fatty acids; the price for these healthier chickens is obviously higher: one Tevof chicken is NIS 34.90. A fresh, slightly alcoholic drink that is perfect for warm summer nights is Bellini, an Italian cocktail, a combination of slightly bubbly white wine, peach and raspberry. Bellini contains 5% alcohol and should be served chilled; a bottle of Canella Bellini, available in wine stores, is NIS 42. In time for the bikini/bathing suit season, Yoplait has new diet yogurts that taste good, contain 0% fat and are low in calories. The yogurts are enriched with dietary fibers, making them more filling, and contain 30% less artificial sweeteners. The new flavors are strawberry, peach, forest fruit, cherry, pineapple, strawberry-banana, raspberry-litchi, mango-passion fruit, vanilla with raisins and melon; one tub is NIS 3.28. Healthy and yummy new cookies made by Elite are the granola-cinnamon cookies, containing whole wheat and dietary fibers. Also new are the granola-sesame cookies; a 250 gr. package is NIS 9.40. The Strauss Cremissimo ice creams are offering a limited edition of new and special flavors, as well as new flavors containing only 2% fat for diet-minded people. The more exotic new flavors are chocolate-mint, peanut butter, gourmet vanilla and maple-walnut; the new diet ice creams are strawberry, caramel, ice coffee and chocolate-vanilla. Both series of Cremissimo cost NIS 19.90 a container. For healthy summer salads you can use the new Osem salad croutons and chili-orange salad sauce, both containing only 5% fat. The salad croutons are spiced with herbs (dill and parsley) and cost NIS 12.50 for a 220 gr. container. The chili-orange sauce is made with canola (rapeseed) oil and one spoon contains only 24 calories; the price is NIS 9.50 for a 220 ml. bottle. Angel bakeries has a new calorie-reduced French style bread, a gourmet-type whole wheat bread that contains only 39 calories a slice. The light French style bread is an addition to the other gourmet French style breads with nuts, dried tomatoes and olives; Angel French style bread is NIS 12.90 a loaf. More diet ice cream is offered by Nestl , which is also expanding its light version with a family size container of strawberry and chocolate-vanilla ice cream; 1.2 liter is NIS 19.90. More light ice creams are the banana-flavored ice creams on a stick, containing 39 calories apiece; an eight-pack is NIS 29.90. All these new Nestl ice creams are suitable for people with diabetes.