Int'l cast rehearses for Naharin

Intl cast rehearses for

When word spread in 2007 that choreographer Ohad Naharin was looking, 167 dancers from all over the world sprang to audition for his Kamuyot (Quantities) in Stockholm. This summer 400 came, and now the new international cast is rehearsing at the Batsheva studios in Suzanne Dallal, where they'll also take GaGa classes from Naharin, watch Batsheva productions and generally get to know the company. Kamuyot is a getting-to-know-the-world piece that kids glom onto - no trouble. "In fact, the younger they are, the more easily they get it," Naharin agrees. Initially conceived as a joint Batsheva/Riksteatern (Sweden's top arts producer) project, the piece has been so successful in junior and high schools all over Sweden that this new round will target elementary schools. Kamuyot is choreographed in GaGa, Naharin's dance language that is built on instinctive and efficient movement.